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loss of hair

September 27th, 2003, 02:35 PM
Hi everyone,
I am new to this, so I hope I get it right. My question is this..
I have a border collie and I get him clipped, (very short) about 3-4 times a year. The last time he was done was about July. Since his hair has starting growing back it, it is not coming in completely around the back of his neck. It almost makes a ring of shorter hair from the back of his neck and down towards his front legs. It very noticeable where is is not growing as fast as the other hair. Has anyone out there every experienced this with their dog, or does anyone have any idea what would cause this. It is the first time for this with him.
thanks !!:)

September 30th, 2003, 05:46 PM
I would ask the groomer - then your vet. It could be age, viral, coller rubbing / harness rubbing, melenoma ect....

Someone need to examin your friend. :)

Hope that helps, sorry I don't know much more

October 28th, 2003, 03:27 PM
Hi there

hair loss if accompanied with certain things like a 'pot belly' or swollen belly can be something called cushings disease.

There could be something dietary lacking as well

A trip to the vet may be a good idea