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Vet can't diagnose very sick cat - help!

September 25th, 2003, 11:24 AM
My 11 year old male cat was always very large. Not just heavy, but a big cat. Approximately one year ago he began to lose a great deal of weight and started having literally liquid stools. The vet is baffled by his condition and has ran every blood test and even did exploratory surgery from neck to bottom. First, he thought it was Fatty Liver Disease. Next, Gallbladder, then, pancreatic. Last, Lymphoma Intestinal Cancer. All of that is now discarded because the cat is still alive and doing fairly well, considering he is all bones. He consulted with the vets at major universities in the state, but has NO idea what is causing the wasting of this animal. Toni, my cat, is having Viokase with meals and on low fat, low residue prescription foods. If he eats anything with fat, he gets worse immediately. At this point, his stool is pasty, not liquid, but he is not gaining weight or improving. Also, he takes a prednisone every other day. He is a real wreck. But he purrs, plays, and loves like always. Do you have ANY ideas. Please help us, I don't want to loose him.
Thank you for ANY help or ideas. We're going to lose him soon if something doesn't change.