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Kitten has "malformed urinary tract"?

November 29th, 2005, 01:45 PM
Today I took our 10wk old kitten to get neutered, but the vet did not perform the surgery as he discovered our kitten has a "malformed urinary tract". He said he would have to refer us to a surgeon, and also recommended we take our kitten back to the breeder. We are going to speak with a surgeon to discuss options, but my vet said he would have ongoing problems. We, of course, are very attached to our little bengal kitten and are very heartbroken -- we don't want to give up! Has anyone heard of this congenital defect and have any info to share?

November 29th, 2005, 06:07 PM
Sorry to hear about your kitten. 1st most breeders guareentee the health of thier animals for at least a year. I'm sure u are attatched to your little guy but you may be looking at a lifetime of health problems(15-20YrsWorth). Are you prepared to take on a large finacial burden or deal w/a cat that has a lot of health issues. I'm also curious as to why you would be having a kitten nuetured at 10wks? That is WAY TO EARLY. Most vets recomend u wait till 6months. They need the hormone levels to develope properly. How did he discover a malformed urinary tract? did he take an x-ray? I would get a second opinion and hold off on anything till it has all been explained to u in great detail.