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hair loss

November 28th, 2005, 02:18 PM
Hi everyone.
I don't think i have ever brought this up before. My 4 year old female Peke (chyna) has had a problem with hair loss for at least 2-3 years. Pretty much as soon as i stopped cooking for her (vet supplied recipes and vitamins) and feeding her "dog food" she started losing her hair at the flanks. At first it was seasonal, and she would lose her hair during the spring/summer and it would grow back in the fall/winter. Well, it has not grown back yet, and it only looks to be getting slightly worse. I have taken her to the vet 2 times regarding this 2 years ago, and they did blood work, etc. and did not find anything but said it was allergies and that i can give her an amount (which i can't remember since i never did) of children's benedryl for the itching (i have never noticed her itching at it). Then i took her back again since someone told me it might be cushings disease. They vet were like "why would you think she has cushings, and how did you hear about it?" they said it was very doubtful that she has that, as her liver results from the bloodwork last time were fine. But they did the test for cushings anyways, as i worry. Then they said the next step would be a skin biopsy, but that her fur loss does not bother her, only bother's me for cosmetic purposes.
Am i crazy in thinking that this fur loss is a sign of something serious? I always thought that you could somewhat tell the health of a dog by their fur.
Does anyone have any advice of what i should do? What is involved in a skin biopsy? I thought they had to put them under to do that, and i worry when she is put under.

I have been feeding her Merricks wilderness blend (their hypoallergenic formula) for the past few months and i cook lamb and sweet potato to mix with her food.
Thanks in advance for any responses.

November 28th, 2005, 03:41 PM
My dad's dog had a food allergy and lost all of his fur. I suggest you go back to feeding her yourself to see if that helps, before poking and prodding her.