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Cat health questions

November 28th, 2005, 01:47 AM
Hello, I have an male egyptian mau named kai that's about 3 months old.
I'm starting to notice his growth is rapidly increasing along with his apitite.

What would be a normal amount of food for a kitten at this age?
Right now I'm feeding him whenever he meows for it (:confused: someone told me kittens should eat all they want so they can grow)
I'm a little worried he might get fat.
I tried to avoid the fat problem by making him excercise (via cat toys) until he's too tired to play. Although after 1 hr I'm the one who's too tired to play :(. The little guy just has too much energy in him.

Next question
Is it too late to get a micro chip?
I'm planning to get one for him when he gets neutured but I'm not sure if there's a age restriction for those :).

If I do get a micro chip will it make a difference?
I mean I know it will help find him if he's strayed away
But I mean if he's possibly catnapped
I'm worried about my cat being stolen, he is a rare cat around this area and it's not uncommon for a dog or a cat to be stolen around here. (I had an experience where someone took my dog when it ran away)

November 28th, 2005, 10:05 AM

You should be able to find a guide on the bag of cat food that suggests how much to feed your kitten. Some cats are grazers, they like to nibble all day long while some like to down the whole meal in one sitting. I liked to give my cat small amounts throughout the day when he was younger. If I didn't watch him, he'd eat as much as he could and then projectile vomit all over the floor due to overeating. If in doubt, ask your vet.

As for microchipping, my kitten had it done at the same time he was neutered (~6 months). Vet's reason being they are small and relatively skinny and it's a bit of pain they won't feel while being under for the surgery. If you want to do it now, that's fine too. There's no age limit to microchipping your pet.

If your cat is stolen, there's probably not much you can do about it. Unless the catnappers take him to the vet or sell it to someone else who eventually takes it to the vet, your cat won't be returned. It's not a security system so you'll have to be vigilant about keeping your cat safe and at home.