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Goodbye Speckers

November 26th, 2005, 06:10 PM
We put our 15 year old cat Speck down this morning. She had cancer. I couldn't be there with her, she lived with my parents and we don't live in the same city. It's the most horrible feeling.

I got Speck as a little wee kitten when I was 12 years old,delivering papers. I brought her home in my canvas newspaperbag. My parents didn't want me to keep her, so I claimed that I got her as an anniversary present for them. It worked and I got to keep my kitten. Speck had the loudest purr, she would keep me awake at night, I would eventually have to kick her out of my room so I could get some sleep. She could be heard over the TV even. My parents took Speck to the vet and they assured me that they would make sure that she was purring until the end, and she did.

We kept one of her kittens, we called him Sylvester, but due to his lack of brainpower, he affectionately became known as Stupid, he was put down 2 years ago at 11 years old due to diabetes. We had him cremated and he still rests in my sister's closet, she doesn't have the heart to bury him. We're having Speck cremated too, so in the spring we'll have a ceremony in my parent's backyard, bury them together and plant a garden.

My husband and I have 2 new kittens of our own. My parents adore them, and our girl kitty Finn (my parents vet spayed her on friday morning) was with Speck until they took her to be put down. I think having Finn there when they came home helped ease some of the sorrow.

Bye bye Speckers

November 28th, 2005, 11:06 PM
I'm soo sorry to hear about you and your parents losing Speckers. It really is a sad thing.