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I'm NEW - New dog meets resident cat!

November 26th, 2005, 05:53 AM
Hello everyone, I'm new here. Having some difficulty intoducing a new dog to resident cat. Cat "Boo" I got as a kitten, she is 4 now, has always gotten along with any dog, she loves to play outside. New dog "Chevy" (age 3)is a huge mix of everything, I think (? BigSq.Rotweiler head, long legs & golden color short hair like Retriever or Lab?). She is big enought that she can get things off the kitchen counters without moving anything but her head! I got her from a friend who could no longer keep her. She has the sweetest disposition, "gentle giant". She is the biggest baby, but she is smart and listens....until it comes to Boo. I have the feeling Chevy has NEVER seen a cat before and she gets VERY excited when she sees Boo. This scares the @#!*! out of little Boo. :eek: Now Boo is living upstairs and refuses to come down. She can't go outside anymore and spends alot of time alone as a result. :sad:
What would be the best way to get Chevy used to Boo so she won't get so excited and Boo no longer afraid of Chevy? My other dog, Shadow, gets along great with both, she is 12 yrs old (Austr.Shepard/Lab mix). I would hate to get rid of Chevy because my other old dog (Maggie):angel: that Shadow grew up with, died 6 months ago and Shadow was lonely and sad until Chevy came.