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Canned vs Dry

November 25th, 2005, 01:07 PM
Do you prefer one over the other or feed both? I like to feed dry food for a couple of reasons. It doesn't go bad as quickly and is cheaper to feed in the long run. For this reason, I can buy great quality dry food for cheaper than great quality canned food. But, most pets prefer canned over dry. I know that it is better to feed cats canned food than dry for medical reasons.

Now Misty is being extremely picky about her food. This is the same dog who will eat anything in her path that is edible! She is now turning her nose up at her dry food (Solid Gold Mmillenia Beef & Barley). I think this is because she is taking medication right now for a bacterial skin infection and must take her medication with food. The only way she will eat the pill is to wrap it up in a hot dog. So I think she is testing us to see if we will give in and give her something else. We have mixed a bit of canned food in with her dry food and this seems to help.

Does anyone have a good quality canned food that they would recommend?

Lucky Rescue
November 25th, 2005, 02:43 PM
I always put some canned in my dog's dry food.

I don't know how big your dog is, but if she is very small, I would recommend Merrick canned food. It's irresistable to dogs, but it is expensive.

If you put just a few tablespoons in your dog's dry food, a can would go quite far!

November 25th, 2005, 02:50 PM
I was looking at Merrick's and thought that it sounded great by the label. I think it is one that I will give a try at. Misty is a beagle and weighs approx 32lbs (although now she is at 37, gained a few pounds, but we are on it and will have her lose them). I purchased 1 Performatrin Chicken and Wild Rice and 1 Lamb and Wild Rice. These are the Pet Valu brand all natural/holistic line. The label sounded good, but I think that the next one I buy will be the Merricks. The price between the Merrick's and Performatrin Holistic wasn't that much of a difference.

November 25th, 2005, 03:47 PM
Hello. When our Beagle was about Misty's age - also a total gourmand when it came to food - he decided one day that he was not longer interested in the dry food of the day (not nearly variety available today). So we started feeding him canned which he enjoyed until he passed just shy of 20. I think it just because easier for him to eat - teeth etc. Although of course "easier to eat" did not come into question when he was sharing our food. El is on his last can of I/D food and today finished his last anti-biotic. He adores this food - I do not adore the very high fibre in it, but when puppy has been ill you do follow the course. He can now have some of his regular Fromm's Salmon a la Veg which is great for his coat and his tummy - and he thankfully did not turn up his nose at it when I gave him some of it today, not mixed with the I/D. Since we stopped Missing Link during the I/D period, I have noticed that his dry skin scratching is back to the pre 12 days on Missing Link so next week will start on it again maybe at 1/2 dose. Hope Misty is feeling better.

November 25th, 2005, 03:51 PM
I would also recommend Merrick. You don't need much of it to "tasty-up" the food either. The Campfire trout feast and the Working dog Stew have less chunks in them so they spread really easily (working dog stew has a lot of brothy stuff so it'll soak into the food and be harder to lick off). The rest have sort of bite sized chunks of meat that are harder to stir in... Just thought I'd stick that in...

November 25th, 2005, 04:01 PM
SnowDancer, I think you are right about the teeth issues. I know Misty prefers her dry food slightly moistened ever since she had her teeth cleaned. Her bacterial skin infection is looking better and she isn't scratching at all now. I will be taking her in to her vet tomorrow for a recheck. You are so right about beagles not being picky about other people's food! Misty will still try to get everybody elses food!

Prin, I will try those types of Merricks and see how she likes it. I only put a little in because I would much rather have her eat mostly dry food. I've read the labels and I swear that some of these dog foods, especially Merricks, is better than the food I eat myself!

November 25th, 2005, 04:12 PM
That's why I posted the Campfire trout feast and the Working Dog Stew- I usually put in a couple of heaping tsps in my big doggies' food and stir it in so there are no chunks for them to like better than their normal food...;)

November 29th, 2005, 12:07 PM
well pretty much any holistic-quality canned food measures up (Eagle Pack, Natural Balance, Nature's Variety, Wellness, etc) - just avoid the cheap supermarket brands and foods with by-products, wheat, soy, preservatives, etc.

Blending a big spoonful with hot water to make a thick "gravy" to coat the dry food stretches the can out significantly; also do rotate flavors for maximum effect.

Don't be afraid to add "real food" to your dog's dinner to increase palatability & nutrition. Canned fish is great, so are shredded meats, liver, chopped eggs, olive oil, cottage cheese, whatever human leftovers you happen to have on hand that are not too spicy (never give onions).

My dog is on a mainly natural raw diet but he does get plenty of cooked food, treats, leftovers and a cup of holistic kibble about 5 times per week for added calories.

He never eats the same meal twice and is as healthy as a horse! I love giving him variety in his diet as much as he loves getting it. I truly do not believe that dogs are meant to eat the same food day in, day out, for their entire lives. Specially not dry, artificial cereal. :eek:

November 30th, 2005, 09:01 AM
Thanks technodoll. I only buy the good quality natural/holistic dog food for Misty. I know that she would much rather prefer the canned food only to having it mixed with her dry food, but that would be too expensive. She would require at least 2 cans. Right now, she is still hesitant to eat the mixed food. She will actually pick out her dry food and lick the bowl. When she realizes that we are not going to give her anything else, she will eat her dry food which is all over the floor by now.

I think that I may have to switch her dry food again as well. I believe she may be bored with the Solid Gold Mmillenia. I wanted to try the Merrick dry food, but the pet store that I buy my supplies from hasn't received their first shipment yet. They expect it within the next few weeks. I may try the WolfKing line of Solid Gold and see how she takes that. I will be varying her canned food though. I'm not too crazy about varying her main dry food as it may cause her an upset tummy.

November 30th, 2005, 09:37 AM
I think that most holistic brands today of reputable name pretty much fare the same in terms of quality ingredients, nutrition, etc. the formulas vary (allergy, giant breeds, puppy, senior, etc) but from brand to brand, you can certainly find what you need... For example Wellness makes a fish and sweet potato dry food, so does Eagle Pack, and many others are comparable. What does change is palatibility to each individual dog! :p

most good stores will give out free food samples, which can be a life saver. If they don't offer, ask for them. my dog goes crazy for almost any kibble he can get his teeth on (he thinks they are "cookies", LOL) but he absolutely hated the wolf pack bison!! he backed away from it like it was brussel sprouts from hell, ha ha! :yuck: yet the ingredients are great and most dogs love it. go figure. thanks to the sample, i never wasted any money on a bag.

you can often write to a company and request some samples of their products, too. Dog shows are the best place to collect though, vendors are in fierce competition to win clients and give food away like there is no tomorrow! plus you get information packets too...

anyways, good luck with Misty Miss Picky - she sounds like a prime candidate for non-commercial dog food though... have you considered that option?
:thumbs up

November 30th, 2005, 10:02 AM
I have considered the home made type of dog food for her but I'm a bit afraid at being 100% responsible for her nutrition. I'm afraid that I may not get it balanced properly. She also has the tendency to gain weight quite easily (we are trying to get her to lose 5 lbs due to her gaining them within the last few weeks due to medication) so I'm a bit afraid that home made diets may make it easier for her to pack on the pounds. Her weight is extremely important as she has osteoarthritis of the hips and knees. She does get the occasional home made treat and she is a pretty good thief when it comes to human food goodies!

November 30th, 2005, 10:22 AM
oh sweet girl - how old is she?...

may i suggest that you pick up a copy of Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats? it is a fantastic book and highly recommended by vets and pet owners alike (you can find it on Amazon:

it has a nice big section on home-diets, kibble supplementation, etc - very well written and easy to follow. i love this book and often refer to it. Trust me feeding your dog is not rocket science... the key is balance over time. just like we ourselves eat and feed our children (you don't have 100% balanced meals every day do you? LOL i know i don't!) :angel:

also another fantastic reference is Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats by Kymythy Shultz

perhaps misty is trying to tell you something by refusing her dry foods... our pets are sometimes much smarter than we think they are! :pawprint:

November 30th, 2005, 10:52 AM
She is 9 1/2 years old.

Thank you for the great book referrals. I will definitely look into picking up a copy. I'm looking for new reading material to buy myself for Christmas!

November 30th, 2005, 11:10 AM
I think you will really enjoy Dr Pitcairn's book. the customer reviews are always helpful too! :highfive:

misty still has many good years to live, if you can help manage her arthritis by a change in diet (anything home made is better than commercial...) and you can do it!!! I'll let you get the book first and perhaps we can talk about what Dr Pitcairn advises after? good luck & happy reading!

December 1st, 2005, 09:47 PM
My animals have always had dry food for the reasons you mentioned (affordable and doesn't go bad.) We free feed. None of the critters are gorgers so they don't put on weight or anything.


December 2nd, 2005, 07:28 AM
Misty used to be free fed years ago, but she gained too much weight. She loves food! As of right now, my aunt's pom is staying over and she is free fed. Her dry food is in a food dispenser in the kitchen and Misty is walking past it without even a second glance. At one time she wouldn't have done that. I really think that she doesn't want dry food. Put she will eat her treats (Old Mother Hubbard) and anything human food!

I'm wondering if maybe this new change in her has anything to do with her taking antibiotics for the last 3 weeks. She still has 1 more week to go. We are going to try a different kind of kibble and see what happens.

She hasn't lost her appetite, just doesn't want kibble.

December 4th, 2005, 05:59 PM
My dog is just the opposite! :p She's not food motivated at all, unless it's people food. We have kibble available all the time and she's only interested in eating it when people are around eating . . . She's very social. :) If someone's eating in the living room instead of the kitchen she'll pick up a mouthful of kibble and carry it into the living room . . . drop it on the floor . . . and eat it piece by piece. :crazy: