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New Kitty Nursing on Non-Lactating Female - Sickness??

September 23rd, 2003, 07:24 PM
Hi all - I have a situation here -

I have a one-year old cat (Nubie) and decided to get a kitten (Samira) so Nubie would have someone to hang out with while I'm gone. I just brought Samira home about ten days ago.

Nubie was in perfect health before Samira came. However, Samira came from my mother's farm (although raised in the house only) but I'm not sure about the health history of her mother. It's possible that her mother was an outside cat at one time and has picked up either diseases or a resistance to diseases that Nubie just doesn't have. I haven't taken Samira to get shots either (I know, I know :( ).

Now I have two issues:

1. Nubie is starting to lose her voice. Her meow sounds thin and scratchy now. Today I noticed that the white thing in the corner of her eye is starting to cover up a part of her eye. Otherwise, she shows no other signs of sickness. I thought that perhaps Nubie's increased meowing is making her lose her voice. She's been much more vocal because she tends to cry whenever Samira cries. Is this possible or could Nubie have picked up a disease that is dormant in Samira?

2. Samira has been trying to nurse on Nubie. Nubie's never had a litter, but she has been in heat a few times. The nipple that Samira prefers is all crusty and swollen. Is this hurting Nubie? Samira is 7 weeks old, I thought she'd be weaned by now. She does eat regular food and water.

Any help you can offer is appreciated. I'm willing to take both to a vet but I'm afraid of costs. I'm a student and don't have much extra funds for a vet so I'd like some suggestions before I take them in.

- Thanks!!

Lucky Rescue
September 23rd, 2003, 10:22 PM
A kitten who was living outside, or had contact with outside cats is likely to have parasites, or worse.

You need to take both cats to the vet, and absolutely need to have your adult female spayed.