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New Puppy Mommy

Bella's Mom
November 23rd, 2005, 06:36 PM
Hey everyone, I am the proud mommy of a 13 wk old mini Daschund & a 14wk old Chihauha. I look forward to any suggestions anyone has. I am also new to forum land so I need to learn how to navigate this site also, hehe!!

November 23rd, 2005, 06:55 PM
Welcome. I know way too much about mini Dachshunds and will no doubt be passing on to you things to watch out for. For the moment though, I will only suggest that if you can, get a ramp and try and train Doxie to use it to get into bed and on to the sofa - and don't for a minute think puppy won't sleep in bed - hopefully there will still be room for you. I don't envy you having 2 little puppies at one time. Since they are growing up together you should be okay - I know the size of a 13 week old Dachshund (hope you don't have a cat?) - but as the Dachshund grows - mine were 10 lb. dogs - remember they do have an incredible prey drive. We did have cats, but our youngest mini Dachshund was 6 months so full grown and he loved the cats and they also loved him. But 13 weeks is small. So happy that Dachshund does not currently weigh 10 lbs. when you have a 14 week Chi. We adopted our Eskimo at 13 weeks - should we ever get another dog, he/she will be two at least! Still getting used to those long legs after 20 plus years of having Dachshunds. I will no doubt be back to update you on things to watch out for - can't help myself. Oh, watch puppy's weight - and you would be surprised how he will be able to push a chair over to the counter, swing himself up and help himself to a sandwich. Seriously.