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If users are having loggin/posting problems

November 23rd, 2005, 12:38 PM
Dear members,

Since we upgraded the board on November 6, a very small percentage of users are having loggin problems.

The problem seems to be that when they try to loggin with their regular username and password they get asked to loggin again and again. What also seems to be happening with these members is that sometimes when they click 'new thread', they get taken back to the loggin page. It is a tough one because these users only have these problems SOME of the time.

We are trying to find the common denominator between these users. If you are one of these users we want to help you but we need your help.

Please send the following answers WITH your username to

What exactly is the problem?

Have you tried clicking the remember me checkbox when logging in. (That has helped some users)

What operating system are you using?
What browser are you using?
How often does this happen?
Do you have a firewall that you know of?

Thanks so much.

We are sorry some members are having trouble and we realize that it can be frustrating. We are doing our best to solve this issue immediately.