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My dog's eye's are swollen up this A.M.?

The Roe's
September 23rd, 2003, 07:20 AM
I have a 16 wk old black lab x husky puppy. This morning when I got the dog from her crate (in our bedroom still) and took her outside to do her business, I noticed that she had severely swollen eye lids, to the point that she could barely see through them. Around her swollen eylids, her colouring looks lighter, almost if the skin has a lighter colour to it. (may be just the swollen lids exposing more of her skin under her hair?) Poor girl wants to rub her eyes, but I'm trying to discourage her for the time being. Any ideas as to what could cause my dogs eyelids to swell / close up during the night? My real concern is eye tics(if there is such a thing) from being up north this past weekend, or the ethylyne glycol that hit the driveway a week ago, was rinsed away, washed away by hurrican isebella, and should long be gone by now....?? What has happened? Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You.