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Ontarians skeptical of leader McGuinty: poll

November 18th, 2005, 07:07 PM
I can't wait until the number below hits the single digits. Like they will for Bryant in his riding.

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Ontarians skeptical of leader McGuinty: poll News Staff

A new provincial poll shows that four out of every 10 Ontarians do not find Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty believable.

The survey, conducted by the Strategic Counsel, comes 18 months after McGuinty went back on his word when his government imposed a $2.4-billion health tax in its 2004 spring budget.

The health tax was imposed despite McGuinty's campaign pledge of no new taxes when he swept into office two years ago.

Tim Woolstencroft, managing partner of the Strategic Counsel told The Globe and Mail that the 'promise-breaker' label continues to dog the premier. "That's his legacy," he said.

According to the survey, McGuinty's Liberals now have just 37 per cent support among voters questioned.

John Tory's Conservatives are close behind with 34 per cent and the NDP, led by Howard Hampton, have climbed to 21 per cent support.

The poll, conducted between Nov. 2 and Nov. 7 for The Globe and Mail and CTV News, shows the support Progressive Conservative John Tory appears to be building among a cross-section of Ontarians.

Tory has already indicated that he plans to campaign on the Liberals' broken promises in the next election, set for Oct. 4, 2007.

The former business executive and Toronto mayoral candidate won the leadership of the Conservatives in September, 2004.

Tory has positioned himself as a moderate with a strategy that has helped to broaden the party's appeal beyond non-Tory voters.

Woolstencroft said the findings should be of concern to the Premier because they reveal that Ontarians are deeply divided on many fronts.

"Right now, it's a horse race between the Liberals and the Conservatives," he told The Globe.

Among those polled who said they would vote Conservative if an election were held today, 50 per cent have a favourable impression of Tory.

By comparison, McGuinty's support among Liberals runs deep, with 64 per cent giving him a favourable score.

Over all, Ontarians rank the two leaders equally, with McGuinty garnering a favourable impression among 45 per cent, compared with 44 per cent for Tory.

The poll of 750 Ontarians 18 and older is considered accurate to within 3.6 percentage points, 95 per cent of the time.

In the election of October, 2003, the Liberals won 46 per cent of the votes, the Tories 35 per cent, the NDP 15 per cent and other parties 4 per cent.

November 18th, 2005, 08:18 PM
If Tory's campaign is based on Liberal lies then the man had better have an army of people working behind the scene, because no "one" man could handle that much workload.
Let the lies continue !!

November 19th, 2005, 12:13 AM
If Tory's campaign is based on Liberal lies then the man had better have an army of people working behind the scene, because no "one" man could handle that much workload.
Let the lies continue !!

If it didn't affect real people I'd say I look forward to every Liberal promise being broken.

So far without mentioning dogs we have, and this is just for starters:

IBI therapy for autistic kids promised, denied, sued, lost, but Bryant appeals the decision.
Coal fired power plants shut down by 2007. Now promised 2009 yet about 10,000 people a year will die early due to the pollution this causes.
Smoking bans – not to 2007 because they don’t wan to affect business in their casinos. Then they announce they may sue the tobacco companies and then Dalton takes tobacco growers on a trade mission to China.
1000 cops promised in the election now two years into their reign and nothing is done.
Hiring of 8000 more nurses so far about 1000 hired AND another 800 laid off.
Health care tax - opps I mean premium.
Announcements for special ed funding where the forms to apply are released at the end of the school year the money was promised for. Can’t apply can’t get funded.
No money spent on the promised affordable housing units. A handful of homes built and done so with FEDERAL money.
Laws to protect the greenbelt where the lines magically changed in the developer’s favour after a $10000 dinner with McGuinty and Sorbara.
The Ontario Medical Association issued a report complaining that almost one-third of the province's 36 district health units don't have a full-time medical officer of health which is according to a quote form Dalton McGuinty back when he was in opposition is "a breach of the law.
Michael Bryant’s wife’s law firm going from almost no billing to his office before he was elected to now being among the top ten billers.
An advertising firm increasing it’s business with the provincial government around 6000% after working on McGuinty’s campaign.
The debt from Ontario Hydro has grown by $930 million to a whopping $20.4 billion while managed by Dwight Duncan. Then when Sorbara steps down after he is named in a search warrant the same Dwight Duncan becomes the new Minister of Finance.
Michael Bryant hands over the Aboriginal Affairs portfolio shortly before a tainted water scandal breaks where the responsibility for ‘responding’ to such a crisis is deemed to be the Provinces under agreed upon contacts with the Federal government.

Looks like our little PR department will also be doing a lot of spinning in 2007 doesn’t it? Still I don’t think I mentioned the word dogs. To show how grave Mr. Bryant’s position is I am a dog lover but I don’t even own a pit bull Mikey, imagine how pissed off those people are.

November 19th, 2005, 11:06 PM
That is a lot of promises and I know Dalton won't let us down at election time and will tell us "I lied for all the right reasons" . I heard him say that to a fellow from St Catherines on a talkshow about 7-8 weeks ago. Isn't that nice of Dalton to take such good care of us . Knowing that if he told the truth that we would not be inteligent enough to realize that He is the best thing that has happened to this province in years.
The greenbelt is a favourite of mine . Take a look at the very peak of the Morrane on Youge street just south Of OakRidges and tell me how much he cares about the ecology of the province. As a teenager I helped Landscape the property on the west side of the road right there where it appears about 2000 houses maybe more are being built . Save the Morrane my A** , see how much he can put in his pockets by " hobnobbing with the big developers "at Mr Sorbara's brother's party is more like it. $!0,000 a plate and how much per lot to get the good old environmently friendly government to close its eyes and let the rape of the land continue. Any one want pics of this site ? PM me .