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Excessive Drooling

November 18th, 2005, 03:57 PM
Well, I am back from the vet, again. Schultz woke up yesterday morning and the area that he had been sleeping in was soaked in drool and he had heavy strings of drool hanging out of his mouth. He didn't appear to be depressed or even have a droopy tail and was zooming around the house because he was all wet from drooling, so he was in fine spirits (like normal). He also ate the little bit of breakfast I set down for him, so that was encouraging. I called the vet's office as soon as they opened and they told me that it was probably something that he ingested, and if it got worse, to come in. I unfortunately couldn't watch him all day, but was taking him to doggy daycare and the daycare lady said that she would keep an eye on him and let me know if it got worse.

I called the daycare lady later on in the day and she said that it wasn't any worse and I guess he was drooling, then not and drooling again. She said that she had been playing all day with her dog and a whippet that came by for a visit, so that was encouraging.

I picked him up at 3:30 and the drool was still pretty upsetting to me because, while he had been drooling just a little bit in his sleep a few nights ago (which was also unusual, but he was fine the next morning), this was way too excessive to be good! I quickly called the vet again and decided if I could make it into the vet before they closed; I was going to bring him in. The vet checked him out from tip to tail and she couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. His temperature wasn't elevated, he had no abscesses or anything stuck in his mouth (which I was worried about), his breathing was fine heart rate was fine, so basically we assumed that it must have been something he ingested outside. Everything in my house has been puppy proofed…. Since this was a different vet from the last one I saw, I told her about his allergies and she didn’t think that this was allergy related. She was going to give him an anti-nausea shot, but then decided to give him an anti-allergy shot since it had anti-nausea properties in it.

I took him home and he played around for a bit, had a large dinner (fed him some pumpkin and Merrick’s wet dog food, but no dry food), and played around for a little longer and crashed out on the couch from such a long day and probably the shot that she gave him. His drooling stopped for awhile (about two hours) and then started again. He pretty much drooled for the entire night, but it was certainly better than the night before… and then at about 6 am he stopped drooling! I took him to work with me for a few hours and took him home as he appeared to be ok. He ate his breakfast again, played around at work. I went home for lunch and he had a little tiny bit of drool on his front lip but it wasn’t bad at all.

Any suggestions as to what he might have gotten into? The vet and I are totally stumped! He is also “suddenly sitting” again, like he has been pinched in the rump, and his next worming treatment isn’t until Wednesday and the vet, again, wasn’t sure why he would be doing this, although suggested I could take in a stool sample, but she said she doubted it would be worthwhile… She also gave me a perscription for anihistamines to help with his allergies and I am going to get that filled today. I asked her about any side effects and she said that there shouldn't be, but sometimes the antihistamines don't work and sometimes they do. Thoughts, and suggestions on giving him this?