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Cat attacking injured cat

xFire Angelx
November 17th, 2005, 02:45 AM
hey guys... im trying to reintroduce baby to the other cats and well its not going so well
smokey keeps taking swats at baby and im clueless as to how to stop this from happening
smokey and baby never really got along.. smokey always picked on baby(smokey is twice the weight as baby and 4 years younger)
when we moved it got a bit better but then baby had his accident
smokey comes in my room or when baby is in the living room smokey hangs out a lil bit minding his own bisuiness and then he spots baby he stalks him a bit crawls closer and at this point i try to catch smokey and distract him with a toy or something but i can never get to him in time and he takes a few swats at his face
once he got baby good and cut his upper lip a little bit and it was swollen for a day after that but luckily it got better
baby and weatherby are doing ok.. the first few times weatherby saw him he was terrified and ran then for a couple times after that they hissed and now they're good but smokey just keeps on doing it
im so scared for baby and im frustrated with smokey...
how can i get this sorted out?

November 17th, 2005, 03:47 AM
You will have to absolutely keep the two of them apart and start all over with the proper introductions. Either keep Baby or Smokey - since Baby and W seem to get along, you may have to isolate Smokey and then introduce him tho it is Baby who likely has the different smell. Gradually introduce them as if they never met one another. Also give each one something with each of their scents by having them share a towel or old T shirt. Lety them each spend time with ti - they adjust to each other's smell.Dabbing a little vanilla under their chins and under the breast bone may also help.

This is a helpful article:

Good luck!