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a few cat problems..vomiting, teeth/gum issues

November 16th, 2005, 03:58 PM
I'm new to the board. I have 2 cats, one with some health issues.

A few months ago, I took my 14 yr. old Vanilla (male, neutered) in to vet as he was peeing on rug and repeatedly next to my shoes. I suspected he might have urinary tract infection, and that he did. He did not like the sulfa med he was perscribed and gave me a hard time about it. However, most times, I could get him to keep it down. Then, during the next 2 weeks, he took off and didn't come home. When I finally got him 3 days later, he was clearly very dehydrated and very sick appearing. I suspected that he was in renal failure, which was an accurate diagnosis. He then spent 6 days in Vet Hospital on IV's and antibiotics. His creatinine had gone up to 4.3, but was now down, and vet said, "no evidence of renal failure" at time of discharge, and that I should do repeat of chem screen in 6 months. (I did do repeat of ua and culture 1-2 weeks post antibiotics for urinary tract infection, which came out great.)

During the initial visit for urinary problems Vet found he had gum disease and needed at least one tooth pulled. She highly suggested I take care of this, however the renal issue of course took priority. She suggested Science Diet for Mature Cats as cats can practically swallow the small pellets whole, Iams dry diet is likely painful due to teeth problems, thus SD would be better. Well he started vomiting frequently after starting the food. And he would go through ALOT of the Sci. Diet. I then saw that he had tapeworms, so I got treatment for that.

Current situation: He is back on his Iams, as it IS causing less vomiting. However, he still does continue to vomit every one or two days. I think he's getting enough water, however, one can never know I guess. He doesn't seem to drink as much as he used to before I took him in to vet the first time.

My question. Could his tooth/gum issue be causing the vomiting? I am wondering if he is trying to tell me something about his mouth hurting, by vomiting? He communicated to me well about the urinary tract issue, maybe this is the same sort of thing?? If it is not, and it is irritable bowel or something else, I'm just not sure how much I should do. He is nearly 15 yr. old. He has bad knees, but gets around ok. I don't think they cause him too much problem. However, if he's got that, plus bowel probs, or something else going on, plus dentition issues.....

Also, if you have your elderly cats teeth cleaned, how often after that do they need teeth cleaning?

Thanks so much. Sorry for the long post.

November 16th, 2005, 04:48 PM
Bad teeth and gums can cause serious problems and I am sure he's in pain.
I had a tooth pulled on one of my cats and he was a diabetic and 15 yrs old.
He came through it fine,but had to be put down 2 years later with cancer:sad:
I don't know how your cats other problems will affect him,but I would take care of his teeth and gums for sure....most of us know how painful a tooth-ache can be and it is no less painful in a cat.
Please let us know how he is doing:love:

Lucky Rescue
November 16th, 2005, 05:39 PM
How bad are your cat's teeth? Decayed/abcessed teeth can cause organ failure due to bacteria being carried in the bloodstream, so I would suggest having the teeth taken care of, if his health can tolerate it. I had an 18 year old cat have teeth extracted, but he had no other health problems.

I would also give him a better quality canned food for seniors. In addition to being easier to eat, it also has the moisture he needs. Iams is not very good food.

November 16th, 2005, 07:44 PM
Thanks all for your replies. I will take him to the vet.

Regarding Iams. I had no idea it wasn't good food!!! Actually, I thought it was suppose to be one of the better ones! As I said in the post, I have tried Science Diet senior, but it made in vomit ALOT! And as far as canned food, he has no interest in it. The only thing he'll do, is possibly lick off the gravy on it. The vet says it's because the wet food can pocket in a bad gum (and he has one bad gum around the bad tooth). However, I have intermittently tried to feed him wet food throughout his life, and he's never taken to it. Also, have tried wetting his dry food, to no avail.

WHAT is good cat food? Which brands? Boy, I really thought Iams was fine. I'm shocked. Actually, I thought Sci. Diet and Iams were just about the same in quality.

I know bad teeth would hurt. Here's the thing. I just finished spending over 700.oo on the renal failure/urinary tract thing. Will be spending another 400.oo on his teeth thing assuming that is the only tooth to come out. If he then has bowel/intestinal issues, I'm just not sure he up for anything further, and neither is my bank account. That is why I'd really like to figure out the bowel thing prior to tooth thing if at all possible, so I know what I'm looking at. Will they intubate a vomiting cat? (possibility of aspiration)

However, if he's trying to tell me something with his vomiting, like "ma, my mouth hurts", just wondering if that is possible. Because the vomitting didn't really start until after I started him on the Science diet, and has continued but LESS SO, back on the IAMS.

Thank you all for your interest and your replies!!