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Adequan - is it too late?

November 16th, 2005, 09:25 AM
I'm new to the board, but have been researching the use of Adequan for my Samoyed, Tasha (11 year old rescue that I've had since she was 9 mo old). She had ACL surgery last March on her right hind leg. There was short term improvement, however she now has joint grinding and she has a severe limp. She has been on Rymadyl all year, this seems to manage the pain but doesn't help with her use of the leg (she doesn't put much weight on it) - which makes me wonder if the Rymadyl is really helping with the pain?

Anyway - our new vet suggested we try Adequan, but Vet mentioned that there may have been too much damage to the joint for the Adequan to be successful? Just as we were going to start the Adequan treatment, I noticed Tasha developed an absyss in that same joint. That absyss is finally about drained and healing- now we are hoping it doesn't come back!

Any comments if you've had success with Adequan and the condition of your dog's knees prior to the Adequan would be appreciated.

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