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Cisco was a human in a past life

November 15th, 2005, 10:07 AM
My boyfriend's parents have two dogs, one is Cisco who is a stray mutt they rescued and the other is a Shih Tzu named Coco. Well, I have always been convinced that Cisco was a human in another life; not only does he have people-eyes, he is always checking up on everyone, letting us know if there is a problem. But now I'm sure of it. This weekend, my boyfriend, Molly, and I were at their house. While we were sleeping, Molly went looking for the water bowl (she always gets out of bed every night to drink some water). She was really confused, wandering around upstairs. Finally, she figured out where it was (downstairs in the laundryroom). After she got water, she was wandering around downstairs, whining, and not able to figure out where her parents were so she could go back to sleep. And this is the craziest thing...apparently, Cisco heard her, had her follow him upstairs into our bedroom, left her there, and walked out. He knew she couldn't find her parents and helped her out. All this was related to me by my boyfriend who was awake during the whole thing. All I remember is Molly following Cisco into the room and him walking right out. It makes me think of the Bewitched episodes when a person is turned into an animal, and everyone is surprised how human-like they are. Well, it's because they are humans! :) So maybe Cisco was turned into a dog by a wicked witch. :D

November 15th, 2005, 11:34 AM
Cool story. :) People say Boo is human too.. He groans like a human and sits like a human and just says a lot with his eyes. :)