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Baby Kitty - Update

xFire Angelx
November 12th, 2005, 03:00 AM
Hey guys! sorry its been so long since i've done an update on Baby....
his wound is completely heeled now and the ringworm is all gone... on all of us hehehe w00t!
he's still walking flat footed but seems to be getting around a bit better... when he walks fast or partially runs he just lefts up the leg and runs with the other 3
his stub of a tail(its so adorable) is all heeled as well he moves it around and everything
he has a lil bit of a hard time urinating... he needs to be in the perfect position to go and it takes a few tries but hes able to do it... i think its because his tail was removed and there is a lil nerve damage in that area wich i hope will heel in time
his front right paw with the 2 breaks is doing good... it doesnt bother him at all although its still swollen like it was before but one of the breaks was really bad one of the bones was actually at an angle pointing up so it will take some time for it to heel
the other day i was scratching under his neck and i rubbed his chin... well i had found another injury... the very tip of his chin is chipped and it moves some on its own
he doesnt seem to be in any pain.... he likes being scratched and rubbed there like normal.. i spoke with the vet about it and she said if its still moving like that now almsot 2 months later it will probably remain like that with no worries about pain especially if hes able to eat hard food just fine
his fur is growing back beautifully and it seems to be that the fur over the scar is darker than the area around it does it normaly does it?
i want to thank you guys so much for being there for me during all of this.
i'm not quite sure how i would have gotten through it without your help and prayers
you guys gave me strength and it really helped me get through this hard time
from the bottom of me heart and babys thank you very much :)

November 12th, 2005, 07:14 AM
Angel,it's you who should be thanked,for going above and beyond what many people would,to save your severly injured Baby.
But if we here at were of any help,be it only emotionally,from one animal-lover to another,it's wonderful:love:
We would love to see some pics of beautiful Baby,now when he is getting back to somewhat normal..
I also hope you have resolved the problems with your family regarding the cats.
Thank's for giving us an update:thumbs up

November 12th, 2005, 01:32 PM
Thank YOU Angel for the update. I am so glad to hear Baby is doing well - sounds like he is real trooper and progressing well!! I agree with Chico - you have been a superb meowmy and champion for Angel and it is because of your care and help that he has done so well. All we could do is provide a little bit of moral support!

I hope you are doing OK (no more r?) and your mom has accepted the indoor cats! She actually sounds like a good person too, supporting Angel financially as she did. Take care of yourself and Angel and the rest of the kitties!! :grouphug:

xFire Angelx
November 13th, 2005, 01:50 AM
well i have a video of baby walking and plan on getting an even better video of him walking in the next day or so... maybe tonight i can talk my boyfriend into uploading the video right quick so you guys can see how he walks
and yes my mom has become a little more open and she tries to keep weatherby(her cat) indoors as much as possible but she lets him out at night still
last night i found bloody diahrea in smokeys litter box but i know its weatherbys because weatherby doesnt cover up his poo or pee when he goes
my mom still let him outside and he came in a few minutes ago with a small cut on his nose
maybe someday my mom will decide to keep weatherby inside i only hope it doesnt take the loss of her cat for her to smarten up a bit
ill keep ya posted on the video of baby walking

ok guys got brandon to upload it
now guys you need to have quicktime to play the video
sorry but this is the only file type the movie saves as when i switch it from my digital camera to my computer

November 13th, 2005, 07:33 AM
Thank's Angel,he looks great,even though he has a pronounced the little stubby tail:love: He's a beautiful cat!! As long as he is not in pain,the limp should not hamper him..
Hopefully Weatherby will not one day get seriously hurt:fingerscr

xFire Angelx
November 13th, 2005, 03:59 PM
yeah i think he'll be fine with the limp.. and over the years it might even get a bit better
when he runs or walks fast he just holds up the leg and goes so it doesnt really get in his way.. although its hard to see his leg just hanging there limp when he runs but hes still alive and will spend the rest of his life being spoiled hehehe
well weatherby has some cuts on his nose wow when kitties get cuts on their noses do they bleed lol
i had to clean it a few times throughout the night but today you can hardly see the cuts but its deffinetly more pink in that area than the rest of his nose
i even suggested to my mom we should keep weatherby in for a few days to monitor his poo and the cut of course she freaked out and said theres no way she'll do that because weatherby will want outside
i was hpoing shed say ok to that and that could be my starting off point of making him an inside only cat lol
i will try to get more videos and try to get a hold of a prog that will convert a .mov file to an mpeg so everyone can watch the videos on wmp instead of quicktime