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My dog

September 15th, 2003, 12:09 PM
i woke up this morning to take my 6 month old maltese puppy outside like i do every morning, but when i got to his carrier he had puked a little (i don't leave his food in his carrier over night). he went outside and went pee. i came home at 11:00 am, and got him out of his carrier again and took him outside.... again no poop. he has not had any change in personality, but he puked again around 11:30 after having a generous helping of food. Help.... i need to know he's not sick.

September 15th, 2003, 07:44 PM
Is he lethargic, moving his stomach distended or tender? If so, I'd take him to the vet tomorrow, just in case he has an obstruction or something. (Throwing up and not pooping MAY indicate that since nothing can get through to the other end, it gets vomited back up.)

If he appears relatively normal, try boiling up white rice and some ground meat and feeding that to him instead of his regular food. That often does the trick of settling an upset tummy.