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My mother's kitten is sick

November 10th, 2005, 11:51 PM
The last two weeks my mother spent her time going from one veterinarian to another to seek for help. Her little kitty (she had it for month now) seems to have a chronic cold: her noise is running and she's sneezing. The second veterinarian listened to the lungs and determined that there is a noise and that the troat is (i don't know how exactly to say) infected. He said that the kitten is very sick and would have died if she didn't bring it to him. Can it be cat flu? He prescribed antibiotics to inject every day for a week (I don't know the name of antibiotics but I will ask for it and I will write it).
It's the second week and instead of recovering, the cold has worsened. We are really really worried...There is no other veterinarian where she lives, and I feel that most of veterinarians there are not to be trusted lightly. I don't want my mother to loose her four legged friend, she loves her kitten so much and she will do whatewer it takes to save it.
We have no where else to turn for help... Can you recommend a treatment, a name of antibiotics or something. I'm a little bit worried about the treatment that kitten is recieving right now. Is it normal for a kitten of 3 month to recieve antibiotic injections every day for a week?Are there antibiotics depending on virus type or it's o0ne for all? What are the steps to help this kitty recover?

By the way veterinarian didn't perform any tests, only examined from exterior and listened to the lungs.

I really appreciate your help very much.

Thank you very much

November 11th, 2005, 12:22 AM
I can only tell you that a human baby receiving daily injections of antibiotics would have to be severely ill with a major infection - probably pneumonia - and one would hope it did not last a month! That is most unusual - it does point to a very ill kitten!!! Did the vets not give a name to whatever infection they think the kitty has?

I would hate to recommend an antibiotic since I am not a vet but it seems obvious that if the kitten is sicker (How do you know? Is s/e running a temp? Other vitals not normal? Did the vet(s) run a full blood panel and urinanalysis? Electrolytes abnomal or normal range? There are so many questions you need to ask a vet - perhaps you can phone the vet who is treating the kitten and ask? ) Is there not an animal hospital though possibly the vet felt your mom could care for this baby at home better than expose it to more germs or bacteria at his/her office? Antibiotics only work with bacterial infections so I assume the vet is not considering a viral source??? Bacterial pneumonia maybe?

Is there a vet that specializes in cats in a nearby community? A vet school? I myself used to routinely drive 4-5 hrs (8-10 return) to visit a vet who understood rabbits so that is my definition of nearby - tho my guess is you may find someone closer - but I do not know where you live. Zithromax is the best antibiotic on the market for heavy duty pneumonia but it has many limitations and adverse effects for children so I do not know how safe it is for cats. Do they tolerate it well and so forth. Cats are affected very differently by meds than we are, obviously. (I have seen a few cases of rare hematoplogical illnesses of children presecribed zithromax by ER docs who did not bother to read a the CPS (pharmacutical directory) - like the US PDR book - and the fact that a child may require a bone marrow transplant to help cease the aplastic anemia brought on by the zithromax reminds me that it is not a drug to be taken lightly or by all children. - personally, I do not recommend it for any small child unless nothing else has worked and it is a last resort!).

If it is not clearing up, is it possible the kitten has an underlying more serious condition like FeL or FIP that is hindering recouperation?

All questions you need to ask a vet and soon I would think?

Good luck!

(and no, in my own experience - as a consumer of vet care for my own pets - it is not at all normal for a kitten to require antibiotic injections daily. In fact, that is most unusual).

November 11th, 2005, 12:40 AM
If my mother resided in Canada with me, I would have had much clearer answers... But I hate to say that she lives in the middle of nowhere in the Eastern Europe where there are no sophisticated veterinarians like in Canada. I'm not sure about it but it seems that veterinarian didn't gave the precise name/cause of the illness or my mother didn't understand well. I will ask her to find a veterinarian in a nearby big city and demmand to perform tests and I will make her a question list so she will know what to ask.

I feel so bad about it, because I want to help so badly, but I can't do too much...And I feel frustrated not knowing if the kitten will be in safe veterinarian hands...

By the way, I forgot to say that kitten seems to be quite active otherwise.

November 11th, 2005, 01:53 AM
Oh dear, I can see why you are so concerned. If the kitten is active, that may be a good sign but depending on the age of the little one, fading kitten syndrome can cause kittens to become very ill very quickly!!! It must be tough for you - so far away!! I have spent time in the part of the world with Les Medcins sans Frontieres and know exactly what you mean!! It could be a different way of practicing veterary medicine than we are accustomed to here though. I mean, I think back to growing up in northern NB and the family doctor came to our home and would inject us (my sisters and I) with penicillin or some antibiotic if we had a bacterial infection of some sort - no waiting at the ER and door to door service but it was also basic medicine - the doctor also provided the medications. That does not happen now -except in instances where I have samples or in clinical trials of course.

If the kitten is playful and still eating well, that should be a good sign. Not eating is one of the worst things to happen. Is there no way for your mom to contact her own vet or have someone take her to a larger city with the kitten just to get another opinion?

Good luck!!!

November 11th, 2005, 02:02 AM
Maybe it's the witching hour - but do you think those antibiotics are the real deal, or maybe have passed the expiry date, or are simply ineffective? Sorry, it happens, even here (although less often because good drugs are readily available).

If your mother can manage it, I think she should find another vet. In the meantime, tell her to get some oil of oregano if it is available there, and simmer a little in some boiling water on the stove a couple of times a day and keep the kitten in the same room so it can inhale some of the fumes. Also add a couple of drops of the oil to kitty's food. Oregano is an anti-bacterial, it might help relieve the cough. Ordinary oregano is probably too weak to do any good.

November 11th, 2005, 06:56 PM
Thank you very much for your advice and support.

Yesterday I read a lot about cat flu and I was very scared to learn that there is no vaccine for it. Antibiotics can only provide a temporary relief and recovery depends on the kitten's physical strength.
Despite her illness, Simbute (kitten's name) is very playfull, active, she has grown up and her coat is clean and silky. She eats well and my mother gives her vitamins as food suppelement. She was not like that when she first got her: Simbute was skinny, covered with fleas and already sick. Few of her littermates have already died. The problem is that she could not have been vaccinated due to all these health problems. Probably, her immune system became weaker but my mother puts all her efforts to strengthen her.

I really don't know much about those antibiotics. Who knows, may be they have expired and are ineffective.
My father will take my mother to the city and they will try to get a third opinion. I really hope that Simbute will recover, because she's my mother's joy, she loves her like her baby.