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How do i know my dog is pregnant?

September 14th, 2003, 10:49 PM
I am not sure that my dog is pregnant. She has had puppies several times before but we knew when my two dogs breeded together. Now, my female is older than the male so we thought that she couldnt have puppies anymore when the two of them had gotten together many times and she wouldnt get pregnant anymore and it has been probably 2 years since she had puppies. Recently we noticed that she had gained weight and her nipples and behind are swollen but I am not sure. I have heard that you can feel the fetuses on her sides and they would feel like little walnuts on the sides of her belly. I felt her side and feel little walnut sized lumps but I'm still not sure. I cant afford to take my dog to the vet right now so I was wondering if there are other signs that could tell me that she is pregnant like the tempeture of the dog during her pregnacy (i know that the temp. drops to 100 degrees before labor), or anything else. I would appreciate any sort of help. Thanks!!

September 15th, 2003, 08:11 AM
Sounds like she's pregnant.

Took this off this site:

Pregnant dog - How do you know if your dog is pregnant?

How do you know if your dog is pregnant?


If you witnessed the mating chances are your dog is pregnant. You can calculate 62-63 days gestation period from the mating date.

If you did not witness the mating than evidence of pregnancy will only be evident several weeks into the gestation (between week 6-8).
At this time an X-ray taken at your veterinarian will confirm fetuses.

Signs late in the gestation period

The female's mammary glands will have started to swell up with milk..

Behavioral changes such as turning in circles in search of a nest, anxiousness, decreased appetite, and a characteristic decrease in body temperature to 100 degrees Fahrenheit 24 hours before giving birth. (Normal body temperature 100.5-102.5F).

Chantale Robinson AHT Bs.
Holistic and Alternative Vet. Medicine