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Vomitting 6 hours after eating??

November 9th, 2005, 10:33 AM
We rescued our Sophie (Lhasa Apso cross 2yrs old) from the pound on Friday (she was spayed the same day). She's had no problems aside from some behavioural stuff since we got her home (seperation anxiety, being reintroduced to potty training)...we're all learning and working on making it better, and it is getting better. She's catching on to potty training quick now that we leave her out by herself instead of hovering over her like anxious parents and going out with her. Good for her not being so dependant on us as well...easing up the separation anxiety a little.

Anyhow...we've started timed feeding her as we had let her free feed for 3 days before as the vet said she was underweight. We know, bad idea, but what started it was we noticed she really wasn't eating a lot...she's not interested in treats and the like really, just her kibble (we're feeding her puppy kibble for increased calories). She doesn't beg for food either...if we're eating, just sits at our feet and lies down.

So yesterday was her first tscheduled feeding day...she was great. Ate all her problems. At husband fed her the last of her medication from her surgery (in cheese like we were told) and she was ok until mid afternoon...she puked (roughly 6 hours after her morning feeding..I note this for a reason). She seemed ok after she puked, hubbin' didn't give her anything treats and she wasn't mopey or anything. About less than half of what she ate came up.

I get home after work and about 5:30pm we put out her food again (we're trying for twice a day). She eats her dinner, she's a happy puppy...we take her out, it's all good, she gets a treat for going potty, we're all happy. 10pm comes...she pukes again. She seems fine...she's acting like normal, she doesn't seem in any pain. We watch her for a bit...give her a treat around 11pm after she pottied again, she puked that up about 4am.

Does this have to do with the scheduled feedings? If she's eating too much too fast...generally (from my experience), they'll puke pretty quick if they've scarfed it too fast. I can't see this relating to her medication either...she hasn't puked at all before yesterday.

Should I be taking her to the vet?? We've been checking her spay incision (everything looks wonderful...btw...they opened her up and she apparently didn't need to be spayed...that sucked), it's not funny looking, she's actually leaving it alone as well.

Any thoughts?? Could this have been because we switched her from adult food to puppy food (same brand)? But wouldn't she have a reaction faster than 6 hours. Are we feeding her too much and this is why only half is coming up?

Btw...her poopies are normal as well as her pee times. No discomfort, everything looks fine/typical.

Lucky Rescue
November 9th, 2005, 12:32 PM
This is way too much puking. What is the medication? If it's Clavamox, that can sometimes cause nausea.

How much are you feeding her each time? If the puking continues tomorrow, and after she's finished all her meds, I would definitely take her to the vet.

That's really too bad that she was operated on for no reason.:(

November 9th, 2005, 01:03 PM
I can't remember the name of it, they said it was like puppy asprin, very mild. Thankfully today was the last of it. I'd like to see her unmedicated for a bit as well as she's been on that stuff since we brought her home.

We're feeding her 1/3 of a cup of puppy food, not adult, at a time (she weighs 10lbs), twice a day, with a few treats scattered throughout that time frame. She only has certain treats she likes (AKC Training Treats) and she'll eat Beggin' Strips, chewy Milk Bones if there is nothing better, but I kinda see those as junk food for dogs (maybe it's the packaging) so we're trying to stay away from them. Well, that and the fact she is extremely selective on her her diet really isn't changing much.

I did call the vet and they're not concerned right now unless her energy level changes, then they want to see her immediately. They also told us to feed her bland rice for her next meal if she happens to puke again today (I"m hoping not). The fact she's puking up only half of what she eats says she's at least getting something into her. But i'm worried about the half coming back out.

I'm hoping it was the pills doing this.