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Got the job...

jesse's mommy
November 8th, 2005, 03:06 PM
Hey everyone, just to let you know I got the promotion I mentioned in a few threads. I start the week after Thanksgiving, so that gives me three weeks to pack up as much as I can. We have a plan. We are going to pack up as much as possible (mostly breakables and stuff for boxes), rent a small truck, drive to Orlando and get a storage unit for that stuff while Jesse stays with granny and grandpa for the weekend. I'm going to stay with Jim's family and look for a place for us there and he is going to finish "packing", managing the furniture here, and basically tie up the loose ends here while looking online for a job there. After I find a place and Jim finishes here, I'm going to fly up here and we are going to move the rest of the stuff and drive down there permanently. It's a 23 hour drive for us and Jesse obviously has never been in a car for that long. Does anyone have any suggestions on transporting her? I was thinking of getting some sedatives from the vet, but am open to any suggestions or experiences anyone has.

I also was wondering if you all could help with another issue. I haven't told my family yet. You see when I originally started interviewing for this position they were furious. They gave me the I can't believe you are leaving us guilt trip. They even said that there is no way I could ever survive without them because I depend on them too much -- which is not true because I don't ask them for anything. They are going to be so angry when I tell them I got the job and need help on "breaking" the news to them. I personally think they are being extremely selfish by not supporting me. I understand that it is far away and they are going to miss me, but travel between Orlando and Philadelphia or Baltimore is so frequent that it averages about $70 each way so it's really not that expensive. And with technology today we can talk everyday over the computer if we wanted to. They are very close-minded. My mom even said to me "why do you want to move there? It's a terrible place to live. I'll never come visit you. I hate Florida. It's nothing but a decorated swamp!" So you can imagine that something will be hitting the fan -- HARD! So if anyone has any advice on how to break it to them softly, I would really appreciate it. I start in three weeks. It's definitely sooner than I expected. I thought I would have until the first of the year, but they need me sooner and it's an opportunity I can't pass up. It's such a good thing for Jim and I. It's a ton more money, a lower cost of living, and his family is already there so it's not like we are moving somewhere that we don't know anyone. So for me, it's a very easy decision, but for my family they are not the kind of people that are open to change or willing to "see the world". They are the kind of people I'm in one spot, I'm not moving. Sometimes I really wonder how I'm related to them. It's like the Holly Hunter movie 'Home for the Holidays' when she says, "Do you ever look around at them and wonder who are you? Where did I even come from?" I can relate to that statement soooooo much.


November 8th, 2005, 03:25 PM
yay good on ya mate, thats great news, you should be very proud of yourself. boy your gunna be busy for a while:D

how long has jesse been in the car for before?? if its say around 8 hrs or so she should be right for the drive, jsut make surr you stop heaps, and give her plenty of excersise, before, during and after. and really if your driving you should stop every two hours anyway so its not a hassle, and you will probably stop more often if you ahve her in the car, which is sensible and safer.

a friend of mine recently did 18hrs with her dogs, who had never travelled more than 2hrs. she said they were fine and she stopped heaps for play and such.

but travel sedatives are good for certian dogs, i had to transport a very cranky pig dog once (only cranky as he was confused) and i gave him only half a tab even though the vet said 2-3 tabs. half seemed to calm him but not dope him. use them if you like, jsut be aware she will be dopey and that might be hard for you to deal with, i could not stand to see him like that, it was hard but he was fine in the long run.

good luck with it, get packing, and have fun. enjoy the feeling and be proud of yourself.:highfive: :grouphug:

jesse's mommy
November 8th, 2005, 03:33 PM
I think the most she's been in the car is about 3-4 hours. Not much more than that.

November 8th, 2005, 03:34 PM
Congratulations!! Florida is a great place to live! And Orlando is a nice area - I have met so many ppl where my parents live in the Tampa Bay area and very few are native Floridians so everyone has a story. It's kind of like Alberta in Canada - where ppl are moving too, lol Ppl i my folks' neighbourhood even have this weird habit of putting old licence plates of the states they came from (lots of Michigan, Penn, NY and NJ, some Ma, Me and Md - it is most unusual, lol).

Good luck with telling your folks - I think you just have to bite the bullet and tell them. Be very kind about it but also have plenty if resolve. There is nothing they can do about it and they may even get to like Fla - take them to Disney. :)

Congrats and enjoy!! :highfive:

And re Jesse - she should be fine if you stop often (are you going to drive along the I95 - there are plenty of rest areas there). (Had to add that the safest route for me always has been thru the Hagerville, Md area and then thru WestVa , Virginia (I81 or 83 - I cannot recall offhand) and then thru the rte 17 or 66 to meet Frdericksburg, Va area. Then to I95 and of course I was going to Tampa Bay so it was (10 but you could do 95 to I4) . That area has many pet friendly motels and rest areas. And it will be a good time of the year, not overly hot. I would not sedate her but that's just me. Make sure you have water for her. I have driven 3 days to Fla with a beagle who did just fine. Lots of breaks tho and a visit to my sister in Boston along the way and a friend in Richmond, Va.

November 8th, 2005, 03:46 PM
Welcome to sunny Florida! (premature, I know, but what the heck) :cool:

I am asking this without knowing if you intend to make this a non-stop trip, but have you considered stopping at a pet-friendly hotel on the way down, to break up the car time? I traveled from Seattle, WA to Louisana in three days with a 3 month old lab x akita, and the hotel sanity break was much appreciated by all involved. With as much as you would need to stop to take Jesse out to stretch if you do the trip in one long stint, the hotel break probably wouldn't add that much time overall.

As for the parents, all I can suggest is tackling it like a bandaid. Best to just pull it off rather than try to go easy. I completely understand your position, as I have had several opportunities to move to North Carolina for my job, and my mom just won't hear of it. Last time I seriously considered it, she cried non-stop for days. I haven't caved in to the move yet, but she knows it is always a serious possibility down the road.

Your folks might be mad at first, but once they get over it and calm down it a bit, I'm sure you can bring them around. And take them to Disney??? Heck, take them anywhere on the Gulf Coast...white sands, awesome shelling, crystal blue one can hold out after seeing that! :thumbs up

November 8th, 2005, 03:54 PM
I remember when I had to tell my mom,we were moving to Canada from Sweden,because hubby got a good job-offer.
I was an only child and she was on her own:sad: +at the time 2 grandchildren.
The hardest thing I have ever done,but she was not angry,just very sad and it still to this day bothers me.But you do what you have to do,it's about you and your husband and your happiness.

November 8th, 2005, 06:31 PM
Congratulations!!! I have to say though, I was soooo confused... I thought this:
I haven't told my family yetsaid "I haven't told my family vet." So I was thinking, wow, she really knows her vet really well to consider them in her move...:o

I know those guilt trips and it will get easier. As long as you don't make promises to them that you can't keep, you'll be ok. This is your life, remember? You are the one who has to live it every day, so do what you want to do.;)

We're coming with you though... Right?

jesse's mommy
November 8th, 2005, 06:39 PM
Sure, we'll all go to Disney!

November 9th, 2005, 02:13 AM
Hey, congrats! That's really cool.
As for the dog, think of her as a child--you wouldn't expect a young child to handle long periods of time in the car, so don't expect it of the dog. Plan on frequent rest stops, walks, play time, and just time spent out of the car. After the initial excitement--think total chaos and flying fur when we get into the car--our dogs have been known to zonk out for several hours once we hit the interstate. The stop and go driving keeps them on their toes though because it keeps them wondering "are we there yet?"
As for your parents, well, this isn't about them, it's about your career. It will be a lot easier to deal with their angst when you're 5 states away, and it will only take them a year or two to get over it :)

jesse's mommy
November 9th, 2005, 02:23 PM
Thanks for all the advice with transporting Jesse. I think we will probably plan on a lot of stops, get a sedative -- just in case, and also stop at a pet-friendly hotel to break up the trip.

How's this sound for my parents:

Hey, I got a raise, it's just going to be on h*ll of a commute.

November 9th, 2005, 04:12 PM
Hey, I got a raise, it's just going to be on h*ll of a commute.
Careful--they might just take you up on that!