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cat gave birth in wrong place!

September 13th, 2003, 06:54 PM
My friend unwittingly took in a pregnant stray cat. She's given birth, but in his work area. He needs to get access to the area but she's naturally very protective and won't let him near the room. I've heard that she will naturally move the kittens in a few days. Is this true? Otherwise, how can he move them to a comfortable but more convenient location?

Lucky Rescue
September 13th, 2003, 07:52 PM
The mother probably will move the kittens, but it's usually not a place you want them to be!

If your friend has a quiet place set up for them, he needs to get the mother into a carrier, (using food for bait), put on some heavy gloves, or throw a towel over her and move her and the kittens to where he wants them to be - preferably a closed in area - maybe a closet in a spare bedroom or a large dog crate, and leave them completely alone for a few days - other than to feed the mother,scoop the litterbox and peek at the kittens to make sure they are o.k.

If mother cats are in a place where there are many disturbances or noise, they will hide their kittens. Stray cats may be particularly nervous.