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Ideas for symptoms?

November 8th, 2005, 01:54 AM
My cat is sick... he came in from outside having trouble walking (back legs).. (He was in my husbands lap most of the day and perfectly fine.) He went to the couch, I helped him up, and he slept there until two days later (today) when my husband took him to the vet. He had a fever and was dehydrated, so they put an iv in and prescribed some amoxicillin trihydrate. He has yet to go to the bathroom except a little at the doctors, and he's not moving his tail at all. The doctor seems to think it's from a fight with another animal, but I'm not so sure. His hind area seems swollen, and he hurts a lot when I touch his hip area above the tailbone. I've been scouring the internet trying to find similar symptoms, but it seems hopeless with all the possibilities. Does anyone recognize this behaviour/conditions? I fear it may be worse, and I want to help him get better. The fact that he's not moving his tail and hasn't gone to the bathroom yet bothers me. If I put him near the litterbox, he comes back to the couch. He's 8 years old and eats Hills Science Diet C/D because of crystals that have developed twice requiring visits to the vet. (about 1-2 years apart) He's now eating treats, drinking once/twice a day and minimal food. I've read that the Hills Science Diest may not be so good because it lacks the protein he needs and has harmful toxins. I may switch him to a natural food brand. But... regardless.. can someone help figure out what is wrong with him? :( We also have a stray kitten that "chose" my husband. I worry that the kitten may have brought something in, yet I don't really think this is related. There are also fleas that we are in the midst of getting rid of. Help? Here's a picture of sweet Shim

November 8th, 2005, 02:28 AM
That is a tough one but with the history of crystals, it would seem prudent to get him something to get him to eliminate his food. Have you talked to your vet post the last visit? I am assuming he went to his regular vet? Did they take Xrays to rule out an injury like a broken bones in his tail - which could prevent elmination. (Tho I am no vet so please please check with a vet before taking what I say seriously!!). I have only anecdotally heard of cats with broken or injured tails that have interfered with elimination. It really does sound as tho another vet visit is in order and a more thorough diagnostic panel done.

Cats hide pain so even if he is in pain, he will instinctively (or more because he was taught by his feline mother) hide it. It IS good that he is eating since cats who do not eat can develop problems with their liver that can become liver disease that is very serious. Unlike us, they are not capable of being without food for more than a short period. (Tho one hears miracle stories from time to time).

As for the other kitten - I hope you kept it isolated until you took him.her to the vet before introducing to your older cat. It is always wise to ensure a new kitten - especially a stray who may have contracted disease while outside and not have been vaccinated - is kept away from family pets until a vet OK's their health status and then begin the process of introduction.

I do think another vet visit is called for, just to make sure there are no broken bones - though I would assume your vet examined his tail previously but a fulle blood and urine panel might be helpful.

I hope he feels better soon!!

Lucky Rescue
November 8th, 2005, 08:54 AM
Please get some x-rays done. I had a cat with those symptoms and he had a fractured pelvis.

You also need to get him some laxatives.

November 10th, 2005, 05:26 PM
Thank you for your words of wisdom... I did take him back to the vet, and it turns out he has a severed/broken tail right at the base. They told me that he will need to have it removed tomorrow, and he may or may not have perm. nerve damage. (If he does then he won't be able to go to the bathroom on his own... I'm concerened.) Regardless he won't be able to for at least the next few weeks. I'm of course really worried about my little buddy. :sick: :confused: ... I'm worried about trying to get him to use the litterbox again as well as his emotional well-being... plus learning to balance again will be rough. .... and what if he has nerve damage? ughhh.... poor Shim :(

jesse's mommy
November 10th, 2005, 05:47 PM
I'm so sorry to hear this. Keep hope and it will all turn out for the best!

Lucky Rescue
November 10th, 2005, 07:47 PM
I'm glad you got him to the vet! Please don't panic. My cat with the broken pelvis took ages to heal, and also couldn't walk or go to the bathroom on his own, but he DID eventually get well.

Just take it one step at a time. Cats are very tough in many situations and can compensate for many things, including the loss of their tails.

I think it's time for him to become an indoor only cat! Too many terrible things and cruel people out in the world.

Just spoil him rotten and give him smoochies from all of us.:)

November 10th, 2005, 10:55 PM
I too am glad to hear you took him to the vet. Not so great news but many cats with broken tails live long and happy lives. Even those who cannot uise the litter box manage with diapers and other assistance from a loving meomy. But many never need that extensive kind of help and manage the litter box quite well. Dob't jump to conclusions till he has had the surgery and is on his way to recovery! Give him lots of smoochies for me too!!

November 10th, 2005, 11:16 PM
Shim is so sweet, he looks just like my Lucas. I really hope everything goes well for him, I'm praying there is no permanent nerve damage. The hooded litter box I use has a low space in front which may make it easier for him to go in and out. Or in the meantime, place a cookie sheet you have no use for in a cardboard box and cut out a low place for him to enter from. This may also make it easier for him to go. If he scratches the litter all over, you can use folded newspapers to line the pan. I shred paper, I find it helps with the smell if I miss cleaning the box. I know holistic remedies aren't always favored as they may be 'quacky' but you can help his spirits using Bach Rescue Remedy floral essence, it is available at health food stores, you can give him two or three drops by mouth four times a day. And you can also take them whenever you are feeling stressed by your cats condition. They are taken under the tongue by humans. There are many essences available but I swear by the rescue remedy. I have used it on my cats, my dog, myself and my children. I only recommend things I have tried but I encourage you to check it out if you're interested, ask at any health food store for information about the Bach Flower Essences.:fingerscr

December 1st, 2005, 02:42 PM
An update on dear Shim....
(thank you all for your replies)
He had his tail removed, and he's still not going to the litterbox on his own. Everyone around says I should put him to sleep, but I'm not that kind of mom. A pet is a child to me! Anyhow, the doctor prescribed some ($63?!) laxative pills for him, and they only succeeded in making him "dribble" alll day and lose his motivation to move around. He seems to be okay without the laxatives, but of course he doesn't know that he is doing the duty when it happens. I express his bladder twice daily and gave him an enema with his first pill, but I thought it may be better for both of us if I just put a diaper on him for the #2 solution. I've been looking high and low for some good cat diapers, but of course finding some to catch #2 is nearly impossible - especially since he is without a tail. The baby diapers just don't grab his waist, and he steps right out of them. My husband thinks the best solution is to build him a giant indoor cage to live in with different roosting areas. I'm not quite ready to go that route yet. Otherwise he is doing wonderfully - he's active, yet it's strange because he doesn't go to any of his old hangout spots in the house - he wanders across my husband's keyboard all day to the window and back to the corner again, nowhere else. *shrug* Anyhow, thanks for the words of wisdom.... !!!