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User problems since the upgrade on Nov 6?

November 7th, 2005, 09:08 AM
Hi all,

We upgraded our board yesterday (Nov 6) and there seem or seemed to be some minor problems. The upgrade will benefit users despite the small errors now.

Please continue to post any problems here and we will try to deal with them asap.



November 8th, 2005, 12:17 PM
As I put in my other thread, the arcade games don't work for me. Is there some sort of plug-in that I am lacking?

November 8th, 2005, 12:46 PM
When the Reply to thread screen comes up, it's a little off colour and when I was typing a pm, the letters were appearing really slow. Is it just my computer or from the upgrade??

Also, I can't edit anything in the user control panel. For some reason the time isn't correct, so I went to change it but the screen comes up blank in the edit profile section. And this screen looks really odd too - editing post - smilies are gone??? Insert confused smilie here.

November 8th, 2005, 06:39 PM
ooo I figured that one out... When you edit, you have to click "edit" again at the bottom and then it brings you to the screen you're used to.:)

November 24th, 2005, 11:57 PM
I had started a thread right after the upgrade re: none of the smilies or functions above the message box working, and no 'manage attachments' button showing up under 'attach files'. The problem had seemed to spontaneously resolve, but it's back again!!! I am able to use IE with a little more success, although I really prefer to use Firefox--but the reply page just isn't loading right with FF. Any ideas why?