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Positive Pit Bull experience!!!

November 4th, 2005, 12:37 PM
How's about some good news??

I was at the vet again today, (sick kitty :sick: ), and had the pleasure of watching the interaction between several (about 15 or so), pet owners and 2 pit bulls, one brought in for a spay and the other, a neuter.

The male came in wearing the full regalia: muzzle, prong collar, harness, leash with a sad looking chap on the other end of the leash. Of course, I approached him and luved up his dog! A real sweetie!! I told him I thought BSL was crap and invited him to contact Conners about the pit bull pow wows that the London gals have been hosting. He was floored! And delighted!

While in the clinic, he left the muzzle on the dog for a while (mesh type), then in came the female. She was only wearing a collar and leash: NO MUZZLE. The best part is that no one seemed to care and everyone was petting her and letting their dogs sniff and have full contact with the dog!

Then the guy took the muzzle of his male and let his dog sniff about the place and have contact with the dogs and owners as well. You could see the relief in his face. He told me he just hated the new law but is complying.

I know that both owners were a little late in the sterilization department, but still complying, except for the female with no muzzle :p

It was so refreshing to see a room full of people willing to accept these dogs and owners as they are and not point fingers or move to the other side of the room, but actually interact with the dogs freely. No discrimination whatsoever :highfive:

November 4th, 2005, 12:51 PM
Oh lezzerpezzer it almost sounds unbelievable that I think you may have taken some of your kitty meds.

Well isn't that wonderful. Poor guy I know how he feels. But at the same time when someone goes out of there way to tell me how they do not support the law I often feel like hugging them. Its such a releif that not EVERYBODY is looking down at you. And to have a full room of acceptable people is truly a gift.

BTW I posted an article in the newspaper forum that i wanted people to read. Don't want to take away from this thread so please reply in newspaper thread.

November 4th, 2005, 04:55 PM
People and Dogs have been reacting to Rocky pretty well with his muzzle on but I honestly think hes depressed. He just stands around looking sad, his tail is down and although he likes it when people paly with him, hes like a different used to be hard to get him to stop jumping up and kissing he just stands there...he was trying to kiss through one side of his muzzle but he has now given up...:sad: