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Can Dogs Cry?

jesse's mommy
November 3rd, 2005, 06:43 PM
Alright, I have a question. Jesse got in trouble by Daddy tonight (she was being a little too rough with her playing -- clawing and nipping, more like chewing on Dad's hands). So she got in trouble and after getting in trouble she was snuggling with Daddy because she was upset. Jim calls me in and says, look how sorry she is and I swear, she had tears coming out of the outside corners of her eyes. Is this possible? Has anyone ever heard of this?

November 3rd, 2005, 07:35 PM
I think they can, rarely... But scientifically, I think they're not supposed to. I think they imitate our behavior so much that why not this too?

November 4th, 2005, 08:29 AM
I would have said no way but I've seen it!

I was going to watch my friends lab while they went on vacation. This was an older lab that hadn't been away from them for very long before. I got to her place to pick him up to take home and we put him into the car while we're still standing there talking ... and we look in the backseat and he's sitting there with tears coming out of his eyes! :eek:

I've never seen anything like that before and I've never seen it since but I am convinced that dogs can cry.

Dog Mom
November 4th, 2005, 01:19 PM
Our dog Gibson cries when he eats, we've talked to the vet about it and he said that some dogs have more active tear ducts that enable then to cry.

November 6th, 2005, 04:06 PM
I think they can. My cat cried once, I had to lock her in my room once, while we moved a tv in. She had tears in her eyes when I got her ten mins later... so I think dogs can too.