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November 2nd, 2005, 12:15 AM
:) This lovable baby boy was seen by my husband being thrown over a fence approximately 6-7pm on November 1st 2005 by two women who then ran away.This occurance was in the East Ave/Rawdon St area of Brantford, Ontario. He's now in my home, but can't stay too long as I already have two cats. He's black and white, and wears a pink flea collar. He weighs 5lbs, and I'd assume by his size he's roughly 3-4 months old. At one point somebody loved him. He appears to be in good health and behaving normally, and from the minute he was brought to me has been nothing but a lover, snuggling and giving kisses. For now, I'm calling him Magic. He is un-neutered. I'd like to give his owner the benefit of the doubt, and assume his loss was not intentional. If this guy happens to be your baby please let me know! Everybody/everykitty/puppy deserves a happy and safe home to live in. :ca:

November 2nd, 2005, 06:07 AM
He looks adorable and thank's for caring for him :love: It's very likely he was just dumped,it happens more often than not.
Idiots get a cute little kitten for free and when he grows up,is dumped like so much garbage.Any rescuer here can attest to that.
I have three cats,only ever wanted two,but my latest(now 3 yrs)just won me over and I had to keep him.Three cats are really not any more than two,you just get a little extra purry love :D