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Hi, I'm Lulu's mom!

November 1st, 2005, 08:08 PM
Hi, I am the proud new owner of Lulu, our new Shih-poo puppy. We brought her home 3 weeks ago and she is keeping us on our toes! She went to the vet today and got a clean bill of health (she's about 3.5 months old). I'm having a hard time finding a food she likes. She's very picky. She sort of likes Innova, but she's not completely sold on it. And her eating habits are funny, she doesn't eat a standard amount every meal. I've never had a little dog, it's always been big dogs like labs and they'll eat anything :) So, this is different for me and a little disconcerting. The vet says it's normal and to be patient. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you!!!