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the race that stops the nation, melbourne cup today

October 31st, 2005, 03:31 PM
hey its that day again, the one i looooovvvveeee so much. today is Melbourne cup day, yes its the race that draws the entire nation to a standstill and will next year be a national holiday, yay.

now if your putting anything on heres the tips. now were looking at a dry track in melbourne today, so that means makybe diva is out for the count, she only goes well in the wet, so dont put money there you will lose it, not taht she would have won anyway, shes too old if you ask me, 7 cups in a row is about the best she will do.

now if you want a winner, go for Vinnie Row or Railings. vinne does not do overly well on a soggy track or extremely dry, but he is a good runner and i have a feeling hes in for a place at least.

railings, now this is one hot little filly, he should do real well and i would go him to place or win. perhaps both ways, hes got good odds, 6:1 so i think i will go him.

so mels tips oft he day-

vinnie row to place, railings to place or win.

so now i will go to the pub today, but being preggers cant drink, but hey thats fine, i usually end up a real mess on cup day so it will be nice not to for once :D lol...

race is at 3pm our time..... i love the cup and so does everyone else here. bring on 3pm........

jits the race that stops the nation - AND THEIR OFF AND RACING.........

have fun :D

October 31st, 2005, 03:32 PM
It's cars?

October 31st, 2005, 03:41 PM
oh my giddy aunt no, its horses. i find quite a few ppl here know about it, we have had big discussion in the past, must have missed you there :D .

no the entire nation stops at 3pm for our horse race, it has been going since around 1904 and is the biggest national event of the year. were a big gambling nation, and an even bigger sports nation, so a national horse race with international horses as well as our own is huge.

but im serious when i say the entire nation stops, every single office and work place stops for the cup, its probably in the constitution if you look ' all aussies must stop work and down tools for a horse race but not jsut any race, its THE CUP' probably something like that i bet. :D

i lvoe cup day, al lthe ladies in the fashion, all the men off their heads (and most of the woman).

there is a weeks worth of horse racing and events leading up to it, i love the cup......giddy up horsey, gee up and go go go, neeeeeeneeeee (thats my horse impoersonation if you didnt get it) :D

October 31st, 2005, 03:43 PM
Oh... I don't really watch animally events because something sad always happens...

Have fun!

October 31st, 2005, 03:55 PM
horses form a huge part of our cultural land scape, they have always been in aus this way. as far a sthe cup goes, its pretty tame, and by no means do they hurt the animals or such. also these horses want to run, its in their veins and blood. and they looooovvvvveee it, thorough bred racing horse are a special breed.

forgot to mention thateven the kindegartens stop for the race, i recall being 5 and gettign a real looser fo a horse, boy i was peeved.

yep my 11yo nephew rang andtold me he got his horse ofthe teacher yesterday, his class will stop at 3pm for the race and they leave for home after.

dont worry mate, ill have a ball and lots of OJ at the pub. :D

November 1st, 2005, 02:52 PM
well bugger me dead, i was ohhhhhhh soooooo wrong on those tips, in a big time way too.

THE DIVA WON THE CUP yes an aussie horse who no one thought could do it again, she did it. and yo ushould have seen her, sometimes horses are so much like dogs, you should have seen that little girl strutting. she was having the time of her life for sure adn you could really tell.

before the race as they were showing the horses, makaybe Diva came out for her tour, you shuld have seen her react to the crowd, you could literally see the smile on her face grow, she know what she was there for, man that horse was so dam happy it was so nice for her.

she came prancing out, smiled at the crowd, and when the crowd cheered she did a little prance it was so funny. BUT you should have seen her run, oh she was having the time of her life, she was so proud while running. she reminded me so much of charlie, when charlie is the centre of attention she will often prance for ppl beign a show off really, and that horse was showing off big time, it was adorable.

and today she has been retired, and she is now in the league of pharlap, if you dont know him he was a champ horse from the 50's i think. she is our new legend, they are talking of putting her on coins and stamps, that is one much loved horse. a horse like this comes around once every 50 yrs if your lucky.

as for the rest, well i thought the two above would win or place for sure, but when i placed my bets it was only 24deg celcius in melbourne, bythe time the race started it was 30deg c, and the irish and euroupean horses did nto do well in the heat, so i lost my money, but hey thats so cool, and i dont care, cause our little aussie girl won, i literally cried as did my sister, soooo patriotic :D and the jockey cried alot too, how could you not, he loves that horse like i do my dog so he was just overwhelmed.

so today australia celebrates the wonders of a brilliant horse, no one can talk of anythign else, and there is a very deep pride travelling through the nation, we love that darn horse and were all so proud of her (even if they did wet the track, but its in the rules so we accept it).

YAY FOR THE DIVA she made us all soooooo proud, and some very rich (but the odds were bad due to hwer popularity.

on a side note, yesterday australians bet over 60 million dollars on the cup, now thats some big time cash.

so yay for the diva and yay for aussies :D :D