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Please Help! Dog Vomiting Green Fluids

September 9th, 2003, 02:16 AM
call it a mothers instinct but i know something is wrong with my Jack Russell Terrier...This has been going on for over 5 days...First my husky and her got in fight so she had to be rushed to ther ER Vet and they put a tube in her and said to give her cephaloxin 1/2 pill twice daily. for two days after that she would not drink anything but was eating okay. i took her back and they gave her some fluids and changed her Rimadyl(1/2 daily twice) to Ecotin off the market(OTC). still she would not drink anything for 2 days and this morning she vomited and the Ecotin came up undigested(12hrs). so i take her back to her vet and they changed her antibiotic. my question is when she came home she was okaybut as soon as i fed her a few hours later some of it came up(undigested) then an hour later more came up(undigested) and now she is vomiting green other JRT vomited green fluids and he had acute pancreatis should i be concerned this is her problem as well. the 2 vets i took her too said she was okay but the vomiting has not stopped and now she won't eat anything....she i seek another vets opinion or what cause i know something is wrong????

September 9th, 2003, 07:43 AM
It does not look like your vet is explaining what is going on in an easy way. It also seems like maybe your vet should be running more tests to determine what is going on...personally I would get another opinion from another vet (prefereably from a reference from someone you know)

I think you have different medical issues going on with your dogs and they should both be checked by another vet. That vet should give you CLEAR information about what is wrong. Maybe he could also suggest a proper diet and proper way to feed your dogs.