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Fireworks on sale again !

October 29th, 2005, 12:02 PM
:confused: I dont know if you folks over the pond suffer this time of year, But over here on our little lump of rock this time of year is Bonfire and firework time due to historical events surrounding a man named Guy Fawkes who once tried to blow up our Houses of Parliment ;) Now ok I have no problem with organised firework displays which are fine and good, My gripe is the sale of firewoks to the general public for weeks on end and this means week after week of bumps bangs flashes etc long into the night and early hours. This not only causes many pet oweners great distress trying to keep thier pets calm :pawprint: (I am lucky all our furry friends cope very well) Also it disturbs peoples sleep old and very young alike. Our police force try to clamp down on people who let off fireworks at unsociable times but its a bit like trying to find rocking horse doofers really ;) I wonder :confused: Do you have legislation over there controlling the sale of firework :confused: I am not a spoil sport or kill joy but responsibilty should be a byword with these things and also from a safety aspect aswell ;)

October 29th, 2005, 01:02 PM
I remember growing up my parents would always put on their own backyard fireworks display. This doesnt happen too much anymore. Now all we hear are those lady fingers or whatever they are called, that the kids in the neighbourhood set off. Joey doesnt seem to be to affected by those noises that I can tell. But come halloween we will see, I think he will be more freaked by the costumes then the fireworks.