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Need Help: Integrating Cat Crises

October 29th, 2005, 09:13 AM

I think I may have made an error integrating two cats. I used to rent a house where the person who rented the other part of the house had 4 cats. To make a long story short, she ended up breaking up with her fiance and his cat. So, I took the cat and gave it to my Mom. My Mom had a Dohberman who ended up being allergic to cats. So, I get the cat back and gave it to my 88 year old neighbor and I would watch and take care of the cat as well (in my new apartment, I no longer rented from the first person) After almost 2 years, the 88 year old neighbor had to go in to a nursing home. Her cat Bandit has a heart murmur and she has always loved me, so I didn't feel like I could give her away again. In the meantime, I have my own baby Cat. He is a big spoiled boy Siberian. All I could do was put the two cats together. Well, I didn't separate them in different rooms. I didn't give them different food bowls or water bowls. I just plopped them together. Bandit went under the bed. She is now out and has taken over my bed, which my cat the Siberian used to sleep on. He now stays on top of the bookshelf in the living room.

There is hissing, but I have left them alone for a couple hours (an hour errand, came home, etc.) total and no blood, etc. But, my Siberian stays in the living room. I feel bad for him because he has now lost his freedom to roam and I don't know what I should do to get these cats to the point where they like each other and both can live freely. I will say Bandit had a fight with another male cat (when she was amongst the 4 cats) wanting to be the Alpha cat. I don't know if my cause is lost or if there is anything I can do at all. Bandit is about 9/10 years old and the Siberian almost 6. The Siberian is declawed. Bandit is not. I cut her nails way down and was going to put soft claws on her, but her nails were not sharp, so I let it go.

Any advice, I'd greatly appreciate. I hate this! I feel so bad for my one cat, but I don't see any other option right now.

Thanks in advance! V.

October 29th, 2005, 10:07 AM
I'm afraid you'll just have to wait it out. They may grow to like each other, they may not. The good thing is that now the initial phase has passed, they probably won't attack each other. I would definitely feed them in the room where each feels most comfortable. Never push them to interact. Maybe you could put blankets where they sleep and then switch them over after a few days so they get to experience each other's scent, maybe get Cat one of those cuddly beds from Walmart (not expensive) to make up for the loss of yours.

I am assuming they are both neutered (v. important) and not spraying. They've been through alot of changes and need time to adjust (you didn't say how long it's been but patience is the watchword here). I would play with them (separately) on a regular basis to help them relax and provide lots of cuddles. Good luck, and thanks for taking Bandit in.

October 29th, 2005, 11:20 AM

Thanks so much for your help. It has only been one day. Bandit is a girl and she is spayed and the Siberian is neutered. I will try switching the blankets and buy a new little comfy house to make up for my bed.

Your thoughts were very helpful!