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my cat is afraid of my other cat

xFire Angelx
October 27th, 2005, 12:20 AM
hey guys
since baby has been home and recovering from his accident ive been slowly introducing smokey and weatherby to him again
well smokey is doing good with it up until last night smokey swatted baby a few times out of the blue so i took smokey out and spent time with him out of my room and spent some time with baby
since then everything has been fine with them thats the only time that has happened but the problem is...
weatherby is terrified of baby now.. he will look in my room see baby and run away and hide in my brothers room
i know baby misses him so much because when i get done petting weatherby i come in my room and pet baby... baby just licks my hands like crazy and starts rubbing his face on my hands.. i can see it in his eyes that he misses him
i just dont know what to do.. they were best buds i dunno maybe weatherby saw the accident and it traumatized him or something but i feel so bad for baby
is there anything i can do to help weatherby be ok with baby again?
ive tried giving them both kitty treats at the same time to show them good things happen when they're together but weatherby just runs away and i have never tried to force weatherby to come in my room or anything like that because that would just make things worse...
any suggestions?

November 3rd, 2005, 06:38 AM
I believe Weatherby is just not used to Baby's new smell and you can switch their blankets or bedding and let Weatheby slowly get used to Baby's new smell. Since Baby has been segregated for a while and with meds etc..chances are,he is like a new cat to Weatherby.Just be patient,he'll come around :pawprint:

November 3rd, 2005, 05:49 PM
Chico is right! Cats recognize each other - and humans - by their smell. You may have to "re introduce" them. start trading scents between the cats. Rub one kitty (especially around the cheeks) with a slightly damp towel and then go rub the other cat with the same towel (and vice versa). This way they will associate the scent of the one cat with good things (being rubbed and getting attention). Do this several times daily.

You may even have to keep Baby seperate ahile longer and let the other kitties gradually get to know her again. Do it very slowly - let them get curious about each other without keeping them in the same apce but after about a week, try bringing them together for brief visits and in each visit, give them a treat so they associate Baby with good things and treats.

Uusally a 2-3 week period is recommended.

Dabbing vanilla on select parts of each of their anatomy (under their chins for example) also will help neutralize the scents.

Good luck!! Baby has been thru so much - I hope her re-integration ghoes well. This actually is not uncommon after a kitty has been ill or at the vet's for awhile.