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Meet Cami!

October 25th, 2005, 10:11 PM
Well after lots of searching, going back and forth on age and breed, breeders and shelters, and after having some unpleasant experiences with some rescues, as well as learning some unpleasant things about a few groups in particular, we have added an adorable eight week old golden retriever puppy to our family this past weekend! She is my husband's dog, and he named her Cami....her name is actually Camara, which is named after his beloved car (his Camaro, his baby) :rolleyes: . We had put our name in with a few local rescue organizations, in the off chance they got any young, purebred goldens in, and we got a call late last week. They were looking for homes for the product of an "oops" breeding, an unwanted litter.

This is our first puppy and she is definitely a handfull!! The potty training is going alright, and the cats are handling things better than I expected. Their bedroom (yes, the cats have their own bedroom) is gated off and that is their safe place, which has been helpful. Penny is very brave with her, but Tinkerbell will have nothing to do with her.

Couple of questions: Cami is always chasing the cats and i want her to stop...anything more effective I can do than constantly telling her no?

Also, her "play biting" hurts. We've tried yelping when she bites and withdrawing attention, like i do with the kittens when they play rough, but it's not working. Any other suggestions, or just keep on doing that?

Oh, and here is our Cami :)

October 26th, 2005, 12:17 AM
Cami is definately a beautiful girl!! Congratualtions on your new addition!

October 26th, 2005, 09:02 AM
getting her to stop chasing cats isn't going to happen. She thinks they are there 4 her to play with. Sooner or later the cat will proably give he a good swipe and she'll figure out that the cat doesn't want to play. At this young an age she can't hurt the cat. We always let our new puppies and exsisting cats work it out. Everytime they all ultimally got along. One 9lb cat i had used to chase the 110lb shep/lab cross around the front yard all day. A riot to watch.
As for her bitting, puppy biting is normal. she doesn't mean to hurt you thier teeth are just really sharpe. It's how they play. keep up with the ow's and give it sometime. You just got her. Do the ow really loud to startle her. If after a week or 2 it doesn't make any difference you could try what i had to do w/my now 4month old malamute. He has some alpha issues so and would bite with the intention of trying to get his way. This didn't become a major issue till he was 11wks. We put a 2ft lead on him and when he bit we gave him a leash correction. At 12wks we put him in obdience class and now he's and angel(most of the time). I'm sure tenderfoot or stacy b can also give u some great ideas. good luck

October 26th, 2005, 09:21 AM

Reminds me of my Toby as a baby.

October 26th, 2005, 01:07 PM
What a beautiful little girl! I, too, have just (2 weeks ago), brought home an 8-wk Golden girl - her name is Amber. My 2 cats are pretty good with her - they had to train Bobby - my 16 mo-Golden boy. They will rub against him but Amber - yes - she figures they are there to play with and they don't! I leash her or hold her collar when I let the cats in and out so she will learn to ignore them - hopefully. She is getting better but will stand and bark at them when they are up higher than she is. I did the same with Bobby and he and the cats are fine together - no chasing, no unwanted behaviours. Amber will bark - a lot! I've tried the "No bark" and holding her nose - so far to no avail. The vets office suggested this morning that I try a squirt bottle so I have a syringe filled with water ready for the next time. Amber is a very determined little girl!

October 26th, 2005, 01:35 PM
The kitties will give Cami a correction when needed. You might want to clip their claws though so Cami is less apt to get hurt. When Den-Den was 10wks old, he grabbed Puss-Puss by her tail while she was eating on her kitty gym and yanked her down. She boxed his ears but never used her claws. He learned to respect her and she seemed to understand he was just a puppy. Later, she seemed to enjoy teasing him to get him to chase her. I envy you the joy of watching the interaction between the two. Cute puppy.

October 26th, 2005, 02:07 PM
Thanks for all of the suggestions!! I know play biting is just that...playing, but i'm so used to training the kittens right away not to play rough, that i was concerned nothing was working on the puppy. I will keep up the yelping and withdrawing attention.

As for the cats, Penny has just started swatting at Cami (claws not out, but i will be sure to clip them just in case), which has been putting her in her place, and they actually seem to be enjoying eachother's company at times. Now if only i could get my poor Tink out from under the bed :(

Jan,your goldens are beautiful! Amber is so cute...nice name, too :) . I am glad your puppies learned not to chase the cats, that gives me hope. There are a lot of things i will chalk up to cute puppy behavior, but chasing my cats is going to have to be completely off limits if i can help it. Right now my cats aren't doing a very good job of asserting themselves, and all i need on top of potty training a puppy is for my kitties to start developing behavioral issues due to stress.

Tobstermom, wow! Cami is nearly identical to Toby in that picture!

One more question, what kind of exercise do (did) you guys give your dogs when they were this young? (Cami is almost nine weeks right now) I have been reading on here that I shouldn't be walking her so young, but yesterday the vet said it would be fine as long as we didn't go to any dog classes/parks yet. :confused: How old should she be before i start getting her on a regular exercise schedule (two/three walks a day)?

October 26th, 2005, 02:28 PM
my pup is 7 months, and still chases the cats. He'll stop if I say LEAVE IT though, which is something you can teach later on. (when he was very young I used the water bottle - a quick squirt saved the kitties)

I still use baby gates in my house, primarily to give my older cat some stress-free space. My cats didn't object too much as long as they had SAFE areas (off limits to puppy) - and even now, if the puppy becomes too much, they quickly retreat to their SAFE spots.

When my guy was 9 wks, I just walked & played w/ him in the yard, on the grass.

btw - all the golden pups are just precious!

October 26th, 2005, 03:17 PM
On the exercise question - until Amber gets her second set of shots - Nov 5th - she won't be outside the house and yard. She will be 12 weeks at that point. Right now she and Bobby tear around the yard and I figure that's enough - I do one session of leash work with her a day - about 5 minutes right now (in the yard and from her crate to outside). When she is able to go "out in public" after her shots, I'll be taking her to the Beach (Pacific Ocean) on a leash for a while - just the walking to the Beach and back will be enough for her for a week or so (that's in addition to the yard playtime).
Having puppies is such fun! I used my squirt bottle today on Amber when she would not let go of my pantleg - it worked wonderfully well!

October 26th, 2005, 04:47 PM
Congrats on your new puppy. You and I could have similar questions soon, as we have a 9 week old min schnauzer. She also play bites the leg of my pants and nibbles my toes. I read somewhere I must hold her mouth closed and say no. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. So I am still trying.

I take her for a 20min walk in the nearby park every day in the late afternoon. Its more of a sniff around and explore kind of walk, than excercise. She loves it, and gets very excited when I put her leash on. This also means she relaxes in the evening. ;)
Good luck,