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dog 'influenza" surfaces in London

October 24th, 2005, 07:36 PM
Just a note to those that live in and around London. I was at the vet today with my kitty, (she's okay!), and asked the vet about this dog "flu" bug that is popping up in London. There were actually 2 dogs there at the vet at the same time that I was, with this bug. The vet referred to it as a form of "kennel cough", for lack of better name, but also "influenza".

He said that it originated in New York and he treated his first patients that were regular customers of his, but they live in Kitchener. All of this breeders puppies died, and the adults were being treated with antibiotics and pulling thru nicely.

He also said that this bug is running rampant in a few local boarding kennels and a common thread is that some of the dogs had been at Pottersburg off-leash park in the last while. If you recall, there was a fear that someone had been poisoning dogs at this park, and 2 had died, with several ill, but a cause was never found. Now I'm thinking that it was this flu.

He said that there is no vaccine against this strain of flu and the best thing is to let the dogs that become sick with this get antibiotics and then build up immunity to it. The only thing is that young pups may succumb to the illness, so I am advising all dog owners to not take your very young pups to the off leash parks at this time, to prevent them from possibly getting sick and not pulling through.

I know that this is a crucial age for socialization, but we don't want your puppies getting sick! :sick: Unfortunately, this bug is really spreading so I think it might be best to socialize your dogs at your own discretion and to call ahead to your boarding facility first to find out if they have suffered an outbreak of this "flu" and what steps have been taken address this.

Boy, if it's not one thing, it is certainly something else!! :(

doggy lover
October 24th, 2005, 08:40 PM
thanks for the heads up I'll keep my ears to the ground for here, but now we know its on the way :sick:

October 25th, 2005, 01:04 PM
This Canine Influenza has been MUCH hyped and there is so much misinformation about it. Even your vet isn't that familiar. NYS is one of the more recent places it's been found, it originated in tracks in FLA. It's really not all that different than kennel cough except that it's much more contagious. The incubation period is short and a recent study in NYS found that a large percentage of dogs in the general population tested positive for antibodies and these were not dogs that were sick - these were random tests. JMO but I think this is another case of something being hyped via the internet and people freaking out. Yes it's a flu bug but the mortality rate isn't much different than kennel cough.

October 25th, 2005, 01:06 PM
PS - just reread your post, he said he had 2 dogs in his clinic at that time with the Canine Flu? Something is wrong with this picture. Him saying it's a type of kennel cough is worrisome since it isn't. Also you have to wonder when no vets in Ontario have seen or reported it, and one vet has 2 cases in his office at some random time.

October 25th, 2005, 01:43 PM
Further to the cases in London, a fellow member of the dog organization that I belong to was handed an informational flyer from her veterinarian about the "influenza". This Dr. is giving this out to all dog owners that come to his clinic. I have not seen or read this flyer yet. No body is "freaking out", just passing along the information that we have heard. That's what this site is used for.

To quote you, "It's really not all that different than kennel cough except that it's much more contagious."

This is why my vet likened it to a "Kennel Cough" as the dogs that have shown up in his clinic have actually been coughing...and according to the lady that was there with the 2 ill dogs, these dogs have been having bad bouts of "coughing". He was just trying to say that it was going thru boarding facilities like a round of kennel cough, not that it actually was kennel cough. My mistake for poor wording ( the use of the words "a form of"),on the original post.....time constraints and I was hastily typing away.....

I have actually heard a short blurb about a virus that has made a jump from horses to dogs that has surfaced in Ottawa. This was reported on CBC radio one the other morning. This is why I asked my vet about it when I was there yesterday. He only told me what he has learned about it first hand

Just because some folks haven't heard of it doesn't mean that isn't there and that precautions shouldn't be taken and people forwarned. In London, there apparently are enough cases to warrant my post and for a veterinarian to be concerned enough and to have seen enough cases to hand out flyers about it.

To add to this, another acquaintance has had his 3 dogs all sick with this virus and all are on the same medication. This was just diagnosed last week. That's 5 dogs in total that I have personally seen, so to me, that means it is time to begin informing folks.

Panick, :pawprint: no, but disseminate the information we have to protect dogs, yes.

January 13th, 2006, 04:16 PM
Just an update:

Apparently this bug is still rampant in London. My vet has seen several more cases and the younger dogs are the hardest hit. A member of our dog association has a dog that was diagnosed with it, seemed to get better, only to develope a worse illness than the first one! Perhaps the more serious form of the virus? Or Kennel cough itself? Secondary?

For current and reliable info, go to:

I am lucky so far...none of my 3 have caught it yet! Or am I?:eek: