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Knee deep in poop

Tracey F
October 24th, 2005, 10:01 AM
I am looking for some sort of fresh thinking and or guidance.
We have two berner dogs, one is 16 months and the other is 4 months.

Ever since we brought home the young pup we have had really bad waves of diarrhea in our older pup.

It began with a positive giardia dx from our youngest, so they were both put on metronidozol, that worked until they came off it, for which they were then given panacur, that did not work at all, a second fecal exam showed coccydia, to which albon was given, wile given the albon the metronidozole was started again because the giardia had returned. After this course of meds we were home free, for 2 weeks.

Then again coccydia was found, and panacur was given with again no result, followed by metronidozole which finally worked for my youngest. They then prescribed more albon for my oldest for a 20 day course. We sent another sample in and it tested negative for coccydia but were advised to finish the albon anyhow. This sample was tested for crypto, giardia and something else, all were negative. Well 11 days into the albon and the diarrhea is back again for the oldest. It was super foul smelling and yellow. I am sure diarrhea will strike soon for the younger. I took another fecal sample in for testing.

We never poop or walk to the same place twice (I am beginning to run out of places), we take different routes on walks,diet has not changed in the least, I have tried rice, mashed potato, yogurt, kids kaopectate anything and everything.

My husband told me he caught him drinking from the loo the other day.

If anyone has any other suggestions i can speak to the vet about it would be greatly appreciated.


October 24th, 2005, 11:18 AM
Did your vet vaccinate for the Giardia? This will help prevent your dog from getting it again once you have completed the medication. There are two shots in the series and since your dogs have shown they are susceptible, they should be vaccinated every six months. (According to my vet - I just went through this a couple of months ago.)

Tracey F
October 25th, 2005, 10:33 AM
Thanks I will suggest that to my vet.. The stool samples sent in were clear of any parasite. so that makes 2 clear stool samples since the last coccydia positive. :highfive:

Right now it looks as though everything is cleared from Bryans end (literally..) and his poop has gone back to normal.. Kaycee started this morning.. so I hope by tommorrow things clear up. :fingerscr :fingerscr might just be a little bug.