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ques about socializing new pet with other ones

October 23rd, 2005, 05:39 PM
Hi, we got a puppy last wk - stray, been to vet already. We have been watching her when she is with our other animals - golden retriever female 2 years old and calico cat - 5 yo. The golden retriever - Honey, pushes the puppy - Misty, around with her nose. Misty usually hides under a chair or bush outside if she is with Honey and inside we have to keep telling Honey to be nice because she shoves the puppy into the wall or all around and almost squishes her sometimes. Honey also takes away all toys and chewies from Misty's area (kitchen - gated off with baby gates - Honey can jump over one of them). At night or if we are not around, the puppy stays in the laundry room. Anyway, Honey does not growl or bark at Misty - or much else - she is a sweet dog, but this pushing around can get a bit rough. Any suggestions? We usually don't leave them together unless we are with them unless it is outside for a few minutes. How long until they become friends? Misty is 9 weeks old approximately. The cat, who knows that Honey is harmless, runs from the puppy who is half her size. I think Misty is just curious, but I guess Cassie (cat) has not figured that out yet. She used to run from Honey, but now she mostly ignores her or hisses at her if Honey tries to hard to be her friend.

Lucky Rescue
October 23rd, 2005, 09:25 PM
It sounds like Honey just doesn't know how to act with a puppy and Misty is so young that Honey might not be really sure what she is!

Misty usually hides under a chair or bush outside if she is with Honey
. Don't let it get to the point that Misty is frightened and hiding. Stop the shoving around by teaching Honey to "leave it" and praise like crazy when she's nice to the puppy.Make sure Honey gets as much attention as she always did, so she won't become resentful of the puppy. Honey also needs to learn to respect the gate and that she is not allowed jumping it. Training can accomplish a lot!

To the cat, Misty is an erratic and unpredictable creature. Don't let Misty run after the cat, and make sure your cat has a place to go to escape when she doesn't feel like dealing with a puppy.

October 23rd, 2005, 09:32 PM
I do wonder if Honey knows that Misty is real. She has some stuffed toys of her own and she also gets the children's stuffed animals at times and she loves to sit with her toys between her paws and chew on them and once she got Misty, who is the same size as the stuffed animals and tried to hold her like she does a stuffed animal.
We do try to supervise well so that Misty will not be afraid of Honey - and after a while they do tend to get more comfortable around one another. The cat can escape from the puppy and she knows it - she is the most vicious animal in the house anyway - she is declawed in the front, but has teeth and is not afraid to use them. :evil:
We do need to work more on training Honey. She is sweet, but not the most well trained dog.

October 24th, 2005, 12:32 PM
Interesting reaction from your dog - I have a 15-mo male (neutered) Golden and have just brought home an 8-wk puppy - female Golden. Bobby, my 15-mo old, is so good with her - he is doing much of my training for me! He is unbelievably gentle with her and will protect her too - one of my cats swatted her and made her cry - Bobby ran after the cat then ran back to nuzzle Amber. I was astonished. Shortly after that though he gave her a real puppy lesson when she tried to eat from his food dish - she finished first and tried to dive into his - I doubt she will do that again! Perhaps your Golden just needs some time to adjust to the new puppy - could there be any jealousy? I was worried about that but it hasn't proven to be yet so I think I'm very lucky.

October 25th, 2005, 10:44 PM
They are sooo cute! What a great picture! Misty is about half the size of your puppy. I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. Honey appears to be trying to play with her, I guess. She slobbers on her a lot - but she has a licking problem anyway, I think, I will put that in another post. I hope that Honey and Misty will become good friends soon.