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Toy obsessed

October 21st, 2005, 09:09 PM
I take Kayla to the dog park every evening to let her play with other dogs. Problem is, she is much more interested in fetching a ball than playing with her canine companions. I have tried not bringing a toy, but then she will just end up stealing someone else's toy and when this happens she rarely gives it back to the owner right away because she has yet to learn how to "drop" with other dogs around. With me alone she will drop, but when other dogs show up she doesn't want to drop the ball because most of them are hovering around and so she thinks they will steal it (and most of the time she is right, they do :rolleyes: ).

So I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to make her less toy obsessed? I have to play fetch with her every day because she is super energetic and needs the lots of excercise, but would also like her to play with other dogs in the evenings. She does play sometimes, but only if there are no toys around and this rarely happens as usually at least one other person brings a toy and Kayla just ends up bugging them for it. So far no complaints but I'm sure it must be very annoying trying to play fetch with your dog and another dog steals your toy!

I am taking her to dog obedience classes right now to reinforce the "drop" command around other dogs, but is there something I can do in the meantime? Is there any way I can make her more interested in other dogs at the park and less interested in toys? Is there a way I can teach her NOT to steal other dogs toys?

October 21st, 2005, 10:19 PM
We have one at our park who jumps on her owner until he gives her a toy... Your park allows toys? Usually in dog parks, it's not really accepted because toys can start fights really easily. At our park, if you're alone you can have a toy, but as soon as somebody has a problem with it, the toy has to be put away.

What I suggest for the toy obessession is toy overload. I sat a greyhound mix who wasn't allowed toys at all at home because the downstairs a**es complained about the noise when she got all riled up (which was whenever she had a toy). When she came to our house, she was so overwhelmed. Toys are everywhere here. After only a week, she became less possessive of the toys and gave them back more easily too.

Here she is in toy overload... :D

Lucky Rescue
October 22nd, 2005, 09:23 AM
Wow. Toys at dog parks. You're taking the chance of having Kayla seriously attacked for stealing toys. You're very lucky it hasn't happened yet.

Since she obviously prefers to play ball or whatever with you, why do you insist she go to a dog park, especially one where owners are so clueless?

Prin, that pic is too adorable!!:p

October 22nd, 2005, 02:09 PM
Well it's nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks people should not have toys in the dog park. I figure if you're bringing your dog to play with other dogs, you should let it play with other dogs. If you want to play fetch you don't need to go when so many other dogs are around. The park doesn't say anything about no toys though so I can't really tell people to put them away.

Since she obviously prefers to play ball or whatever with you, why do you insist she go to a dog park, especially one where owners are so clueless?

Well there are a couple reasons for this. The most important reason right now is because she has a leg problem which gets worse after fetch but not after playing with dogs. I think it is the jumping to get the frisbee/ball, and turns on the spot and wipe outs that screws up her leg. I was playing fetch with her in water to help her leg but now that winter is coming it will be too cold for that. Also, she DOES like to play with other dogs when there AREN'T any toys around, and I think it is healthy for her to interact with other dogs. Also, I play fetch at least once or twice with her every day and so it is nice break for me to chat with other dog owners while she plays.

Anyone know of dog parks near Point Saint Charles or Verdun where they don't allow toys?