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Dog and cat question

October 19th, 2005, 10:52 AM
Hello everyone,

I am new here. My name is Maggie and I have a dog - Oakley - retriever/lab X, Cat named Oliver - rescue, rat named Doris and a lizzard - oh and two sons!

Looking for any experience with two issues.

Dog first - anyone with seasonal allergies - are you noticing that the scabby areas are now on the down swing? Oakley has had the same problem for 3 years running but this year seems to be lasting alot longer then usual - anyone else noticing that?

Witty next - We have moved to a new house and she adjusted well and then something happened - I think that scared her. She is now very skittish, has lost the hair on the end of her tail (which really freaks her out when she catches it out of the corner of her eye) and she does not do number 2 in her litter box. She seems to pee there but not the other. Is eating but not as well as she used to. Used to curl up on my feet on the couch or on the bed - now sleeps under it.

Do you think I am looking at mental or physical.

Thanks Maggie

October 19th, 2005, 12:17 PM
Hi and welcome.

Has your dog been tested for allergies other than seasonal? If not, it may be something else that's bothering his skin. Your vet may need to do a skin scraping to be 100% sure what the problem is.

As for your cat - they are EXTREMELY sensitive, especially when it comes to moving. If the cat has a favorite toy, or blanket, bring it out. Move the litter box to a different area and show her where it is. There are many reasons a cat won't use it's litter box. It might not like the type of litter, might not like the location, it might be ill and CAN'T use the box.

Judging by the tail problem, I would venture a guess that the cat's nerves are shot. If the skin scraping of the dog comes back as anything infectious, it may have passed to the cat. If the tests come back and the vet says it is indeed seasonal allergies, just bad ones, then I would try Rescue Remedy on your cat. It's kind of a nerve tonic (so to speak).

Basically, you should see, or at least talk to, your vet and rule out health issues. Please, let us know how it goes.