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Scardy Cat Problems

October 17th, 2005, 12:13 AM
Hi, Im new to this and need some info. My cat is very skidish and runs away from anyone other than myself. She hides in dark cupboards and even gets under the blankets on my bed. She never comes out at day and if I have visitors she hides. When I leave for work in the morning she hides and when I get hom eshe only comes out when it is dark. Also she doesnt like to go outside unless its night and we have to dogs in the yard of which she is terrified of. Loud musis/noises makes her hide and then I can never find her for hours.
If I am home alone she wanders around and rolls on the carpet and has her dinner etc.
What can I do so I am not always worried about her? How can I make her nore sociable?


October 17th, 2005, 02:02 AM

My cat Millie is exactly the same, at first we were worried and used to try and make her socialise with us, but in the end we gave up, and low and behold I would wake up in the middle of the night with her snuggled up beside me.

Millie hates my dogs and only comes down the stairs when she wants out, as if being high up protects her - she had a bad start in life and I stole her!!! and ended up being arrested for it, charges were dropped and I was allowed to keep her, I have since done this again for The Moguawi as well (another story).

She will come round in her own time, as long as she is eating and drinking and either going out or using the litter tray - she will be fine.

Millie won't even come in the house if it is daylight, we have to let her in at 5am in the morning in the summer, if you don't ley her in she hides until it is dark - but as soon as its dark she wants to go out - we call her the vampire cat.

October 19th, 2005, 01:40 AM
Hi my name is Icys- my mom is Pearl,

We thought we might be able to help - this is what Gary has to say,

Hi - I'm Gary - I have two cat's as you've already guessed. They put me up to this!

They both use to run away and hide from every visitor. I attribute that to their lack of exposure to others. So when I'm expecting company - I close off all their hiding places and force them to find comfort in the presence of others. It takes a few times - but they finally realized that people are friendly and there is no threat or reason to be fearful. They will even seek the affection of strangers once they realize this. They must be forced (not in a bad way) to experience and explore the affections of others. When they realize people aren't going to hurt them - they can open up very nicely.

Don't let your cat hide all day - close off some of those areas while making sure there is a comfort area in the open. Have snacks available to reward them for having the courage to be in the open. Have snacks available when visitors come over. Allow your visitors to give your cat snacks. Encourage it! Your cat will be cautious at first but may actually respond. Maybe not the first time you have visitors but eventually your cat should get it. Never ever force a cat to be sociable - it won't work! They figure things out for themselves put in the right environment. Make sure you provide a sociable environment. And for lasting results - don't go long periods without company or others - or they will retreat to the way they are now.


Hope Gary was helpful, (Thanks Gary!)
Icys (

Lucky Rescue
October 19th, 2005, 10:33 AM
How old is your cat? Where did you get her and how long have you had her?

October 19th, 2005, 12:44 PM
My parents' cat, Phantom, is also a scaredy cat, although not in exactly the same way. One "scary" experience made her fear my brother's room forever. (I'm sorry, Phantom, I didn't think nudging a box with my toe would make you freak out!) It takes a few minutes of cautious sniffing for her to decide that it's safe to go outdoors. And she's very paranoid about things like doorframes and rugs.

Phantom doesn't hide during the day, though. She likes to go outside or nap on the dog's bed. She's fine with the family members she sees frequently, but absolutely HATES any other visitors, especially children. The worst part is she doesn't run away and hide . . . She just hunkers down wherever she is, glaring and hissing at anyone who walks by.