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Blood in Yorshire terriers urine

October 16th, 2005, 03:00 PM
I have a 5 year old male yorkies that is not doing well at all.
For the past 2 months the blood in his urine and his overall health has got extremely bad. We have tested for kidney stones, which come out negative. We have also test for kidney failure, which also come out negative.

Are they doing these things correctly. He went on a 3 week antibiotic which did not seem to do any good. Blue (our little yorkie) is getting worse. He does not want to eat. He urinates often and seems to take for ever to get the task done. It almost seems as it hurts to urinate. His eyes are full of pain and you can always tell if a dog is sick by his eyes and I feel something terrible is wrong. We last his father and his brother from Renial failure and would be devasted if anything happened to him.

Please help I am at my end with worry.

Thank you
God Bless

October 16th, 2005, 03:17 PM
Has it been specifically determined that your dog has a urinary tract infection? Sometimes, these things can become antibiotic resistant, especially when they are allowed to become chronic. This can also progress into a kidney infection. Is the blood bright red or dark red? Your dog could also have prostate infection. One vet recommends Vitamin C( not the time-release or chewable kind) - up to 250 mg a day(for dogs under 20 lbs) for two weeks. Cranberry extract capsules can also be be very supportive - 250 mg a day increasing the water(fluid) consumption somewhat to encourage a flushing action and bringing your dog outside( or wherever you bring him) to urinate frequently. This is corrective in many respects( try cranberry- the most effective- or Vitamin C,but not both) but if there is a prostate infection( swollen penis and testicles) an antibiotic specific to that might be necessary. It would be an idea to bring your dog to the vet to have it determined whether it is just a urinary tract infection or whether the kidneys and prostate are also affected.
As for not eating, that can not be allowed to go on for too long, hepatic lipidosis can set in. Is he drinking? If not, watch for dehydration and give fluids. You could ask your vet whether he/she will prescribe Cyproheptadine, a safe and effective appetite stimulant.

October 16th, 2005, 06:16 PM
Just my gut feeling from your description - and this is JUST a gut feeling - I don't think this is renal failure. If his bloodwork showed normal renal function then I would consider other diagnostics. Nothing against your vet but sometimes getting a second opinion is worth its' weight in gold...another vet may be no better or worse a vet, but just have an idea that the first one didn't. This sounds like one of those medical mysteries that will need a very proactive vet who stays up at night trying to figure out that dog that just "doesn't make sense". :P

Lucky Rescue
October 16th, 2005, 09:11 PM
When you say "tested" do you mean he has been x-rayed for bladder stones? Yorkshire terriers are among several breeds prone to having bladder stones and they are much more common than kidney stones.

October 16th, 2005, 09:51 PM
When they tested for kidney stones did they x-ray the bladder and kidney. I know also that stones can be extremly small and sometimes difficult to see on x-rays. Stones do move around and i would consider getting another x-ray at this point. Kidney failure can be detected in humans in your blood work. Things like his creatine level and bun level would be off. In a dog i would think they could pick up the samething. Also they do a 24 hr urine test on humans to check for kidney malfunction. (not sure how they would get a dog to pee in a cup 4 24hrs)If his blood work and a single urine sample werefine his kidney fuctionn should be fine. One other thing a stone can get lodged in the urinary tract and can cause a kidney to shut down or if lodged on the way out from the bladder it can be very difficult to urinate and etremly painful. Stones can also irritate the lining of the urter and cause it to swell or get infected. keep us posted :fingerscr