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Problems with my kitty

xFire Angelx
October 10th, 2005, 10:02 PM
hey guys i have a huge problem
my cat smokey isnt exactly everyones favorite cat here
he meows all the time(wich i think is cute) and it annoys everyone
he jumps on the table and island in the kitchen(my mom said if he does that when her new table comes in heres out of here no ifs ands or buts)
also he wont pee outside(im battling my mom on getting all the cats to be indoor cats only) he'll only pee in the litter box... most of the time anyway... the other times hes peeing on my grandmas blankets in her right RIGHT INFRONT OF HER TOO
everybody wants him out of the house but me and im fighting to keep him i told them how to solve the litter all over the kitchen floor problem(smokey is very thorough with covering up his stuff in the litterbox but it gets all over the floor)i told them to use a rubbermaid bin instead and ill be doing that once i get done eating
my mom has no problem telling me she wants him gone same with my brother he reminds me everyday god i hate that cat my grandma tells me whenever he pees or poops in her room if this doesnt stop something will have to be done about this end of story and my step dad really hasnt said anything because my mom tells me for him
i feel like im fighting a losing battle i dont know what to do he has ringworm right now and he cant be in my room so eveyrone just pushes him around.. and because im nursing baby back to health i cant stay ontop of smokey like i should and i know its not fair for smokey if i just give up on him because i love smokey so much hes my buddy and was always with me anywhere i went in the house right by my side until baby got hurt and he had to start being outside of my room but all of these problems happpened before baby got hurt eveyrone is jsut getting fed up with him now
sorry for the long post

October 11th, 2005, 08:00 AM
Aww poor Smokey,I really don't know what to say,other than Smokey probably feels the hostility towards him and since Baby has to get all your attention,Smokey is stressed and insecure.
It's quiet common for a cat to show their insecurity by defecating or peeing in certain spots and it sounds to me like your family is not willing to help out and make him feel better.
Personally I don't know how anyone can hate a little animal,but I guess people do.It's easier,than trying to figure out what the problem is and help.
But if everyone(except you) really hate that poor cat,I see no solution other than you moving out,or finding a good home for Smokey,somewhere where he'll be loved.

October 11th, 2005, 12:05 PM
If Smokey is heading into your grandmother's room, then suggesting as gently and politely as possible that she shut her door is at least a start. As for your mom, same thing applies, you're doing everything you can to keep the situation as pleasant for everyone as possible, but you're at a point where you can't be on top of everything all the time. Both you and Smokey are way stressed here, which is only making matter worse given the hostility. Do you have a friend that could take Smokey temporarily until Baby is back to full strength? I would hate to see you have to divide up your kitty family just because your human family is unwilling to reach beyond their own issues and accept this is a temporary situation, but Smokey's behaviour may escalate, making your family's ultimatums worse :/ Hugs and good luck

xFire Angelx
October 11th, 2005, 03:58 PM
unfortunately theres no one that could take smokey for a little while
ive been thinking about slowly letting smokey in my room more and more and get them used to each other in my room his wound is almost all healed
plus i will be able to keep an eye on the ringworm on smokey and i really need to because it looks like its about to be an open wound from him licking it so much
i think keeping smokey in here as much as possible is the best thing that i can do
and for the most part my grandma does keep her door closed its just that sometimes she leaves it cracked open when she pops in there for a second and there goes smokey
im probably gonna have to take smokey in for the ringworm and see what the vet can do and talk to her about him peeing on her bed
im almost positive that its not health issues because its not happening a lot but he did have bladder infections for basically the entire first year of his life
so i want to make sure on that
altho my family hasnt been willing to take smokey to the vet ever for anything
luckily he hasnt gotten really hurt its just been a little cold here and there that i would be worried about
ok enough of the rambling i just woke up time for the coffee w00t

October 11th, 2005, 07:57 PM
Poor Smokey - he sounds so unloved and unwanted, exept by you!! He is undoutedly stressed which will not help him get better with ringworm. It is no wonder he has so many colds. I hope he is neutered at least? Is there no friend or another relative (one who actually LIKES kitties) who would take him in for a bit until you are better? If not, I might tend to agree with the others - he might be a happier heathier cat somewhere else. I know that would make you unhappy but it really sounds as tho he is stressed all the time and stressful cats get sick. Have you tried to give him some Rescue Remedy? I doubt it will alleviate the inappropriate defecation and urination but it might help the stress.

My heart goes out to him - and to you!

xFire Angelx
October 11th, 2005, 09:26 PM
well i spoke with the vet today about smokey having ringworm and she said to bring him in and we can get him on oral medication because i cant very well watch 2 cats at the same time that cant be in the same room at all times
hes been doing very good
smokey stopped peeing and pooping in my grandmas room for a while and then once i got sick and only cleaned the litter box once a day he did it again so im guessing its my fault for not cleaning it twice a day of course i dont blame him
today i cleaned out the litter box and relized that in 24 hours smokey alone has peed many many many times im a little worried and think it might be a bladder infection like he used to have so tomorrow i will ask the vet to do a test and see if he does have one because that would explain why he would also pee somewhere other than the litter box
also the vet said that if the ringworm on baby doesnt get any better in a day or 2 she'll put him on oral medication as well
i told her that the ringworm on baby hasnt gotten any better or any worse in a day or so
i also asked if they've treated cats that might not have it but are around other animals that do have it and she said yes that can be done
thank god because poor weatherby i dont want him to get it too
hopefully by the time this ringworm is gone there wont be anything else
sheesh im begining to wonder if this house might have some bad voodoo or somethin going on lol
im a little worried about smokey because i tried to bring him in my room he hung out in here for a few minutes and wanted out and thats just not normal so think im loosing my connection with him and i have to get that back.. that might be a big part of all of this with him jeeze i feel so bad
i think once smokes and i are good again everything else will be
if things dont get better i will have to find him a better home because its just not fair to him to have to deal with people not liking him and it wouldnt be fair for me to just keep him simply because id miss him... sometimes if you love something you have to let it free
i love my smokey very much and want whats best for him even if that means hes not living with me

October 11th, 2005, 09:44 PM
Is Smokey fixed? He could also be spraying.
As for kicking litter everywhere you can get the litter boxes with the extra high sides. He may be picky like many are about using a dirty litter box or use it after someone else has. It is recommended that you have one more litter box than the amount of cats in the house. Some cats trained to use a litterbox will never go outside. I would get some enzymatic cleaner for cat urine and spray to wash your grandmas blankets.

You can get ringworm from your pets.

xFire Angelx
October 12th, 2005, 12:45 AM
yes all my cats are fixed they were fixed the moment they could be
and yeah unfortunately i know i can get ringworm from my cats i have it on my knees thankfully its nearly gone
and we had a very high litter box and it even had a lid but once the lid went on there he stopped using it so the lid came off and litter was all over the floor and now i am using a rubber bin as his litter box.... we only have one because smokey is the only cat who uses it... weatherby refuses to use a litter box and baby is up in my room and has his own special litter and litter box
smokey, baby and weatherby were indoor/outdoor cats theyd pee outside hang out out there and come home but since we moved smokey will not pee outside wich is fine with me because from now on smokey and baby will no longer go outside... i cant keep weatherby in because weatherby is really my moms cat smokey was pawned off on me by my sister and baby has been mine from day 1
so im still fighting my mom on the issue but im losing
i go outside to have a smoke and find smokey crawling back under the fence coming into my yard
everybody lets him out and tells me that they got tired of hearing him meow of course i tell them that they should yell for me so i can take care of it they do for everything else he does that annoys them so why not this(its obvious my mom just wants to prove to me that im losing the battle and he'll go out no matter what i want)
sorry about all of these long posts ive just been having some hard days and you guys will not beleive the ignorant bs i get and see from my family with all of these issues... honestly it makes me ashamed but thats another can of worms i guess

October 12th, 2005, 08:17 AM
Angel,don't feel bad about long posts..if you are frustrated(understandably!)this is a great place to vent.
I have a neutered cat who sprays when he gets excited or stressed about something.Cats are very in tune to emotions in their it anger,illness or anything else.Rocky gets excited and starts pacing,if I as much as cough,it's like he thinks I am dying :confused:
We are all here to try to help,so keep on venting,hopefully your situation will change for the better soon :grouphug:

xFire Angelx
October 12th, 2005, 03:05 PM
thank you :-) its nice to be able to vent here im sure my boyfriend is tired of hearing all this stuff about my family and the cats lol hes says no but im sure its not fun hearing it all the time lol what a sweetie for listening to me tho
well i am wayy too sick to go anywhere today its hard just sitting here so im making my brother go with my mom and take smokey to the vet... well on second thought maybe i should go to the vet with smokey hes gonna need to be comforted and he wont if im not there
well i better go get ready

xFire Angelx
October 12th, 2005, 08:25 PM
got smokes to the vet today boy that was fun
yup he has ringworm alright and friday we're bringing our 3rd cat weatherby to the vet to get a check up and then they're gonna call him ringworm medication in for the both of them and put them on it
it was established that smokey and baby will be indoor only cats from now on
and i found out why my mom will not have weatherby as indoor only.. although she hasnt admitted it its because she doesnt want to hear weatherby cry and moan about it for the next month or 2
so that fixes that now we just need to fix the others
my grandma is keeping her door shut at all times no matter what wich is stopping that
and with the rubber bin for the litter box hes still getting some litter on the floor its less than half of what it was but it still flings when he jumps out(he has to jump kinda high to get out)
anyone has any ideas? could a litter box mat thingy work?

October 12th, 2005, 08:47 PM
YAY!!!!! Congrats on getting over that major hurdle, you must feel so relieved that 2 out of 3 are going to be indoors :) A litter mat or even newspaper will work, I used to put one of those really large leaf bags under my kitty's box so it was easy to just gather the bag and shake it out.

xFire Angelx
October 12th, 2005, 08:56 PM
wow great idea thanks a bunch thats better than getting a couple mats to cover the entire area that smokey gets with the litter lol
i think now that smokey will be indoor only i might move it into the downstairs bathroom and keep the small one up in my room for them botht to use when baby gets better
i dont think baby will be able to get in and out of the big litter box unless he has some sort of little stepping stool... also he can jump on my bed pretty well now lol
i think i better have a little chat with my mom about moving the big litter box now lol this should be fun

October 12th, 2005, 09:00 PM
who knows, if you move it into the bathroom maybe Smokey will pick up on how to use the toilet ;) Kitties are pretty smart like that and your mom would be really impressed :thumbs up

xFire Angelx
October 12th, 2005, 09:52 PM
well that would be awesome but we're training the human males in the house to put the lids down when they're done... i think that would confuse them lol

October 13th, 2005, 12:37 AM
:thumbs up :thumbs up What wonderful news Angel!!! I am so happy your mom has seen the light - so to speak! :)

xFire Angelx
October 13th, 2005, 02:48 AM
yeah me too deffinetly im jumping for joy... well i would be if i werent sick lol
now imjust trying to get smokey used to where the litter box was moved and i think all will be good
now my question for you guys is.... how do i train him to not jump up on the table? the new table get delivered on friday and it seems that the normal get down from there NO and putting him down training isnt teaching him to not jump up and my mom said if he continues to do that then he will have to go

October 13th, 2005, 06:52 AM
Well, I had a meezer that did the same thing, and the only thing that worked was a spray bottle (just a small one) and when I'd catch her, I'd spritz her once. Only took 3 sprays till she didn't want anymore of that.

October 13th, 2005, 07:27 AM
I just had an idea for your litter box. You know those big boot trays, the ones with the little ridges around it, if you put one under the box, it may help with catching the litter, plus they're really inexpensive!

October 13th, 2005, 07:54 AM
At least some good news,that's great :thumbs up
My Rubbermaid boxes are not very high,only about 1 foot,but high enough to keep the litter in there.Of course a little will always follow the cats.
A boot-tray is a good idea!
As for jumping on the table,I am one of those"disgusting"cat-owners who let my cats go wherever they want,including my newly refinished butcher-block kitchentable,as long as there is no food on it.
Training a cat not to jump,is not easy,but with perseverance it will work.
A question :confused: How did your family end up with 3 cats,when they don't seem to like all the things that comes with being a cat-owner?
I know you love your cats and take good care of them and your mom is paying all these vet-bills,which is a blessing!

xFire Angelx
October 13th, 2005, 02:44 PM
thats a great idea about the litter box so far with the litter box its between the wall and the toilet and smokey jumps up on the toilet to get in and out of it and theres very very little litter that follows him YAY
and i will have to pick up a small water spray bottle today for sure smokey is afraid of water so much i think 1 spray will do it... he wets himself and almost looks like he goes into shock when you give him a bath... i tried to give him a bath once... after he got out of the shock he jump right OVER me to get out and i figured i wouldnt try that again he might get hurt next time
see i dont mind the cats going anywhere... counters and tables are washable ha who knew? but see the funny thign with my mom is... she doesnt care about weatherby or baby getting up on the table or counters because she likes them... its only smokey that she freaks out with.. again im the only person who likes smokey and we're getting out connection back.. he slept in my room for most of the night last night and got along with baby just find they havent been buggin each other at all just doin their own thing
now to answer the question on how we got 3 cats... well my mom LOVES cats as does everyone else in the house but they dont care to take responsibility... even with the simple things like food and water.. if i dont give them fresh water and food everyday then it would be left there until its all dried up and the cats are meowing like crazy for anyone else to notice and give it to them... see everybody knows i love animals.. infact i like animals more than most people lol and everyone knows that.. so my nickname is cat girl... if theres any problem they just shove it onto me.. no matter whos cat is doign it or what have you... jeeze i wonder how weatherby will do when i move out... im pretty sure ill end up taking him with me when i move... anyways enough of the rambling i could go on and on and on about my family not taking responsibility but thats not needed im sure you guys get the picture now lol even tho you guys havent heard the worst of it
thanks for the advice guys thanks a bunch hopefully i can get smokey not to jump up on the table with the spray bottle :fingerscr

xFire Angelx
October 15th, 2005, 01:08 AM
WOOOHOOOOO YAY!!!!! the spray bottle worked... 1 spray 2 days ago and he hasnt been up there since
YAY!!!! im jumping for joy WOOHOOO
everything is great now accept... litter is getting into the toilet now peopel are getting mad but i keep telling them to put the toilet seat down and they dont have that happening and i can clean up the floor and toilet seat when i clean the litter box
but other than that everything is GREAT
the ringworm on me is gone(continuing with the cream for a week to make sure it doesnt come back) and on the kitties its getting worse... couldnt get weatherby to the vet today so the cats didnt get their medication so im hoping we'll get that all set up tomorrow

October 16th, 2005, 12:03 PM
Sorry, I haven't read the entire thread...I should've logged off by now. :P

The people who have this attitude towards Smokey might be interested that he likely has these behaviors because of them...cats are classic stress sponges, if there is negativity/hostility/stress in the home they are often very much affected by it. It can cause behavioral problems - a major one being litterbox avoidance...

Inappropriate elimination is the #1 cause of euthanasia in cats. Not cancer, accidents, old age. Litterbox accidents. Sad, most people just aren't interested in looking at why the cat is feeling the stress. I can understand it's a stressful thing for the humans to live with but seriously, most of the time you just find the stress trigger and eliminate it, and the rest falls into place.

There are large rubbermaid totes, inc a shallow one, you can put the litterbox in to avoid tracking litter everywhere.

As far as the family being annoyed that he uses the litterbox instead of outside, yikes! He's littertrained, sad that he's getting grief for it!

Good luck in fighting for him, I feel for you and for Smokey. I hope they listen to you and come around.