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Lost Female Black Cat - Ottawa

Charlene G
October 10th, 2005, 10:34 AM
I live in Ottawa, in Centretown (Kent and Lisgar). On Saturday October 8th, 2005 I lost my female black cat "Meme". She is of a medium size, completely black with a small white spot on her chest. She is very dear to me and to her sister Betty, who cries for her constantly. When she left she had a black collar around her neck which had a bell and a small capsule containing my address and phone number.

Charlene Gour
11 Stockport PVT
(613) 563-3771

October 24th, 2005, 03:43 PM
I live on Lisgar at O'connor and I can definitely keep an eye out for your cat. There are a few cats around this neighbourhood that I always see outside, I'm not sure if they're strays or not....I saw a short-haired black cat run across the street a few evenings ago as I was waking home from work, it ran across O'Connor and behind the florist 'Select Roses' could have been any cat though and it was maybe even a week ago. Not too far from where you live on Lisgar towards Lyon, in the parking lot at 446 Lisgar (where I lived 5 years ago) someone has been putting out fresh water and food for neighbourhood cats, so I would watch that area, as your cat might be going thee to eat.

Maggie Barron
560-5894 (home)