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upper respiratory disease

September 1st, 2003, 12:15 AM
baby has urd and has been getting shots of antibiotics since feb. but seems to be getting worse. she is 14 yrs old and has had urd since she was picked up in a ditch @ about 5wks old. is there anything that I can or should be doing to stop her congenital stuffiness? (other than antibiotic shots in an ever shorter spiral until what? we are now @ 2 wk intervals before she becomes totrally bogged up again!

September 1st, 2003, 01:48 PM
How long has your cat been on antibiotics? Only since recently or for a length of time?

When our cat had URD , our vet told us that it is hard to find just the right antibiotic that will work and that URD tends to go dormant and can flare up at any time.

The first antibiotic we tried didn't work, at first it seemed like it would but she started sounding bad again towards the end of the round of antibiotics.
When we took her in again the vet gave her a much stronger antibiotic, and even with that , she required a third round !

What I would suggest is talk to your vet, discuss trying a different -stronger- antibiotic, and have your cat checked out before you are done the round of antibiotic so that if the URD is not completely gone you can continue with another round.

If your cat has had this for 14 years, have you checked into feline asthma or allergies or what does your vet say about that?