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Traumatized Katrina Kitties

October 8th, 2005, 02:13 AM
I tried to post this on the Adopt a Cat page to no avail - it was late and I was so frustrated I nearly just said the heck with it. Arrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh - have no idea what I am doing wrong - prob just too tired as usual.

Anyway, it may not have been the best place for this topic but I did not know where else to post it. I wanted to share an url about cats from Katrina - not to ask anyone to adopt any but just to post the url and observe that OMG, these kitties, almost without exception, look so traumatized and shellshocked! Poor babies!

I have to say the people were in shock too but you do not notice it when you are there so much, you just keep going!!! One of my little patients has stll not found her parents!! (But fortunately her doctor was located in Texas but she did not have her records but agreed with everything we had done. Tho it is like starting from scratch with new protocols.

Anyway, take a look at those cats. They;ve been to hell and back!

October 8th, 2005, 10:36 AM
I can only imagine how horrible it was for you to see all of the cats and dogs suffering. I am still thinking about the 2 dogs found in the NO centre 2 weeks after the fact by Anderson Cooper and the wonderful pathologist who stayed to help the people. I for one was not surprised to see on TV that one was - A MINI DACHSHUND! I told my vet who agreed that this little fighter must have the temperament and will to live that my 2 special Dachshunds had. I know that they had to call the Humane Society to have them picked up. Despite my resolution that I can never live through another Dachshund back surgery - for this little dog, I would have made an exception. I know of another woman who went down to help - not a doctor - but had some vet tech training. Said it was like a MASH unit - up until 2:00 a.m. and then trucks with rescued animals would arrive at 4:00 a.m. Since you mentioned that you had read up on Dachshund Disc Disease, I wanted to mention that I recently read an article on ALS - a study being set up at a Toronto Hospital. My second little guy had Stage II disc disease and in reading how ALS affects the spine - very similar. Glad that you made it back safely.

October 8th, 2005, 05:34 PM
Sad. On the upside they do turn around. I brought two cats back from Louisiana for my co-worker. They turned around fast and are now part of the family.

I also dropped a traumatized dog in Fancy Gap Virginia with a volunteer from Norfolk Virginia who had left Louisiana two days earlier with the little girl’s brother. We decided that they needed to both get out as they were extremely traumatized but there was only so much room in the vehicle she was leaving in so I offered to transport her on my way back to Canada. The little girl would drop to the floor two feet from her cage and have to be carried out to the walking areas where we would just sit – I couldn’t leave her there.

The rescue she works with decided to foster them out separately as they felt that they would internalize their anguish and only focus on each other not their human fosterers if put back together. As much as I envisioned reuniting them it made sense to me. I have just been updated that the shell shocked little girl I dropped off is coming out of her shell and that the foster parents have adopted her. They called her a handful that they cannot let go of. You go girl.

Here she is being handed off in Virginia. Her tail is still between her legs but that’s all in the past now.