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2yr-old Lab-mix has "squeaking" stomach/digestive tract

J Brownfield
August 31st, 2003, 03:48 PM
Over the last 24 hours, our 2-yr old Lab mix has developed an internal squeaking which emanates from just below the rib cage. She is fit, eats regularly (Nutro lg puppy formula), and has not been subject to any localized trauma, nor has her routine recently changed. As far as we know, she has not ingested anything foreign, but as she "stands guard" in our apartment at night, I can not avow this with absolute certainty. She has not exhibited any vomitting, irregular excretory activity, or sign that she is nervous or in discomfort.

What can this "squeaking" be symptomatic of? We have never witnessed this phenomenon before...

Not to mention that today is Sunday, and tommorrow, Labor Day. How long can we go without an emergency room visit to the vet?