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lethargic cat

October 3rd, 2005, 05:55 PM
Last winter i rescued a cat that was tossed out by his owner. when i got him, he was skin and bone, and the vet said he wouldnt live. well, its now October, and with a lot of love and food, he is now the big tom he should be. The only problem is that he sleeps almost all of the time. He is only about 2 years old so i know age is not a factor. he doesnt have all the symptoms of diabetes, but he does have bad breath as well. Does anyone have an idea what i should get the vet to look for? our vet here is an idiot, so i want to be prepared. he also doesnt like to treat small animals so i want to have as much info as possible before going. thanks!
ps...he is a cuddler which i have never seen that in a cat before! ...he has to be always touching me or laying with me or on me (like a person) in bed. insert joke here...haha